Shamanic Healing by Itzhak Beery

Tuesday 03rd, July 2018 / 10:07
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Author Itzhak Beery describes what shamanic healing really is, who can become a shaman, the source of all illnesses, the reasoning behind the elements used and their mystic symbolism. His book Shamanic Healing provides step-by-step instructions on many healing teachings, ceremonies, and techniques. Such as the powerful La Limpia–energy cleansing, diagnostic and divination readings, protection techniques from negative energies, soul retrieval, de-possession, and additional healing tips. Also included are thirty true and inspiring healing stories in which the power of the mystery and ancient know-how changed and healed modern peoples’ lives, and freed them from panic attacks, PTSD, depression, grief, relationship problems, and relieved cancer, schizophrenia, chronic pain and other maladies.

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