Science & Spirituality by Oliver Robinson

Dr Oliver Robinson is author of the book “Paths Between Head and Heart: Exploring the Harmonies of Science and Spirituality”. He is Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Greenwich.

In this talk Dr Robinson explores idea that science and spirituality are friends, not enemies. Like yang and yin, they focus on opposites that are complementary rather than contradictory. For example, science focuses on exploring the outer world, spirituality on exploring the inner world. Science focuses on what can be measured and written down, spirituality focuses on that which transcends language and maths.

The harmonious relationship between science and spirituality is – the author argues – crucial to a healthy society and a healthy mind. One without the other tends towards imbalance; through considering the interface space of the seven axis between the head-heart dynamics revealed in Dr Robinson’s Multiple Overlapping Dialectics Model (MODI), there are practices that can be used to bring balance into your life and expand your mind.

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