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Sat Nam Rasayan: Healing Through a Deep Perception

Sat Nam Rasayan

by Daya Singh Corsini, Sat Nam Rasayan School Responsible

Sat Nam Rasayan is a healing meditation technique based on the perception or the ability to feel.

To achieve this we use the sensitive space or space where we feel. We need this space to start a process of strengthening the capacity to be aware and to increase the ability to recognise that everything is happening here and now.

In Sat Nam Rasayan meditation we are interested only in what we feel. All the feelings are always included in the relationship between healer and patient. This means that there are no feelings that belong only to the patient or just to the healer, but all feelings are included in the relationship between the two. The healer learns to recognise that there is no differentiation between what is happening inside and outside.

To apply this foundation it is necessary to ensure that the mind is in silence because we identify ourselves when we think so we separate ourselves from everything. But our main goal is to be one with no differentiation, so we must ensure that our mind stops croaking in order to stabilise the state of Shunya. This is the state in which healing is possible.

One other of the most important foundations of Sat Nam Rasayan is this: there are no rules, or rather it is a technique that tends to the disintegration of the rules and preconceptions. Our perception, the perception through our consciousness is imprisoned in the cage of what we intellectually know about something or someone. The preconception or prejudice that our mind has in relation to an event denies us the possibility to have a sensitive perception of it because we already know or think we know what that event is. By breaking this process we increase the ability to perceive and our consciousness is free as well as expanding our perception. Everything extends to the limitlessness, everything merges with the infinite. All is One & One is All.

Allowing what happens, is what melts the blocks/resistance in the patient manifested perceptually as a lack of flow. Therefore those resistances are released from the flow of life energy, from the flow of prana that is not working. This allows the patient to become aware and experience the same state of consciousness of the healer totally expanded and deep.

Those who practice this technique, in fact learn a very deep meditative state in which consciousness is absolutely expanded. That produces a deep self knowledge, self realization and experiences the expansion of their potential by projecting it outside into the surrounding environment.

Guru Dev Singh, the Master
Guru Dev is the master who tirelessly teaches this technique. He is a great man of moral stature and compassion. He met Yogi Bhajan and began learning Sat Nam Rasayan under him in 1978 by following the traditional method of silence. The lesson was learned while he was close to his teacher, Yogi Bhajan, who would follow silence by speaking about domestic matters, politics or business. One day, Guru Dev Singh’s state of consciousness went through an alteration and he connected unequivocally to the Sacred Space.

In Sanskrit Sat Nam Rasayan means deep relaxation in the Divine Name or rising oneself to the essence of True Identity.

There are no limits in the reality, there are only self-imposed limitations and that’s what we learn to dispel with Sat Nam Rasayan. Wherever missing the harmony and balance that is the place where the Sat Nam Rasayan is necessary.

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