Rewinding your Body Clock by Jayney Goddard

Jayney Goddard’s new book “Rewind Your Body Clock: The Complete Natural Guide to a Happier, Healthier, Younger You” is an expert holistic guide on the science of how to age well – not only physically and mentally but also emotionally and even spiritually – covering everything from nutrition, herbal medicine, good breathing, the best exercise, mental attitude, natural skincare, haircare and facelift techniques, hormonal balance, good relationships, the power of nature and the power of sleep.

Our attitudes towards ageing have undergone radical changes in recent years and many women now recognise that beauty and health come not from invasive procedures, fillers or expensive skincare brands, but from the inside out.

Jayney Goddard knows better than most the importance of keeping our bodies working at an optimum level. As a full-time wheelchair user 17 years ago, Jayney has since managed to reboot her health and taken her biological age down from 55 years old to 27. While we can’t change our chronological age, we can dramatically reduce and even reverse our biological age so that we have plenty more healthy, happy years to look forward to.


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