Rajini Menon on Wisdom and Becoming Enlightened

About Rajini Menon: Rajini Menon‘s writings illustrate that she is undoubtedly a Jnani Guru. She has lived her life by listening to what she refers to as her ‘Inner Divine’ voice, which has unfailingly guided her on an evolutionary path towards the higher consciousness. Rajini has helped many people cross the hurdles faced in their spiritual search. Rajini has helped many seekers cross the hurdles faced in their spiritual search. Her answers to their questions, sent through email, have been profound, revealing a depth of wisdom. Stated with a clarity and ease of understanding, they have now been compiled in Face to Face with Reality, to help aspirants who are earnestly proceeding on their spiritual journey.

About Alan Jacobs: Alan Jacobs has made a lifelong study of mysticism and he is a long standing Watkins author, writer and poet. He is also president of the Ramana Maharshi Foundation in UK.

The talk took place at Watkins Bookshop  on March 12, 2015.


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