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I Prayed…. My Near Death Experience

Robert M. Tremblay is a decorated Veteran of the US Army and an accredited national speaker and trainer. He taught until he was diagnosed with his illness in 2011 and spent the next four years battling diseases, surgeries and time spent in a hospice. His story, along with many others’, are featured in Penny Sartori and Kelly Walsh upcoming book The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences.


I prayed for heaven and the ability to reach the stars, instead I touched the face of God and was returned a different man so I might say something to the world.

I have prayed every day since my illness, but never for a cure, only for mercy. I was given instead, a hard road but endless moments of hope so I would have a deeper understanding of life.

I prayed for a healthy body in a dark time of life, and was given a “soul-shine” to illuminate my way so I might see clearly.

I prayed for wisdom to understand, and instead was given a “beautiful mind” so I might appreciate the world without defining it.

I prayed for courage of self, and instead was gifted the ability to strengthen those around me to remind me of humility.

I prayed for a clear understanding of my life and past, and got a deep clarity of thought to see into others so I may understand the meaning of service to mankind.

I prayed at times simply for one more day, and instead was given years so I may remember it’s about each day and truly appreciate it with others…and understand!!!

I prayed for help from people in my life, and was honored instead with solitude so I would have a deeper meaning of myself and the daily epiphany of self-awareness.

I prayed for a quiet lone death to spare others around me their pain, instead I was given my father’s final wish of family unity and the tender support within, so I might understand the true nature of unconditional love.

I prayed at times for a quick thoughtless death, and instead was given an endless gift to impact people’s lives so I might understand my purpose in the world.

I prayed for a voice to speak out, instead I was blessed with the ability to hear angels weep at the beauty and possibilities of my future for love.

I prayed for the strength to stand alone, but instead was made weak in the presence of real love to ensure my heart was always open, so I would truly see and make an impact with another.

I prayed for the eyes of God, and instead was given a rare love so I might see God every day in their eyes, so I might daily understand what real love is. Thank you for that!!!

I prayed for all beautiful things for myself, and instead was given wonderful gifts for others so I might know selflessness.

I prayed for all singular things and was given multiple things, none of which I requested, so I might always understand the gift of giving more than I receive. ALWAYS!!

I was given life and all things man searches for in life and death, and a new profound impactual spirit that everyday gets better – an open heart rewarded!!! And a great sense of peace and purpose.

I was given no fear of pain, as I was shown it is in the fire of pain, where beautiful things are shaped and our character forged every day.

I was gifted no fear of death, so I might truly appreciate life and understand death is not the end.

I was given the rare ability to see beauty in all things, so I might never miss one thing.

I never prayed much before my illness but I did believe. Today I thank God, every single day, out loud, at the first beauty I see every day.

You see, I was most importantly given hope and the realization that hope gives me all things.

I was given an iron clad faith in all things and the belief that all people are, and want to be, beautiful.

I was given love, and all these other things so I might understand the power of dreams, and oh how I dream.

We hope it will count for something every drop of blood I leave on a page…It’s important.  I am about one thing.  Saving lives.

Read more about the transformational effects of  NDEs in The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences, a book written by Penny Sartori and Kelly Walsh, available from November 2017. The book contains a selection of stories from ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences that have changed the course of their lives and opened each and every one of them to the power of divine love. 

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