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Today is Easter (or ‘Eostar’), an important holiday in the Wiccan calendar. Easter marks the vernal equinox and the beginning of Spring: a time of fertility, birth and renewal. To celebrate this time of growth, here are our top picks for titles concerning witchcraft and Wicca.


Celtic tree bookCeltic Tree Magic: Ogham Lore and Druid Mysteries (Danu Forest): Written by a druid witch and Celtic shaman, Celtic Magic Tree explores the powerful magic of the twenty-five trees of the ogham tradition. There are exercises and hands-on tips from Glastonbury-based wise woman Danu Forest, who will help you understand each tree’s magical correspondences and healing attributes. Explore recipes for healing salves, tinctures and potions; fashion wands and other magical tools; and learn ogham spells and divinations.

£13.99 from the Watkins Book Shop


city magic urban witchCity Magick: Spells, Rituals and Symbols for the Urban Witch (Christopher Penczak): How do we connect to the magickal in a world of steel and glass? This practical guide for the urban witch shows how to use everyday items in your home or workplace to create magickal incense, oils and charms; how to create powerful sigils using street signs, graffiti and street maps; and how to perform rituals in nightclubs and other urban venues.

£16.99 from the Watkins Book Shop



a deed without a name

A Deed Without a Name: Unearthing the Legacy of Traditional Witchcraft (Lee Morgan): Lee Morgan blends practical experience and scholarship in this useful investigation into traditional witchcraft. Giving insight and interesting details on such topics as hedge crossing, familiars and hag riding, Morgan also includes her own personal testimony as a practising witch, offering her thoughts and guidance on the history of the Craft. The overall result is an eminently readable book that will be of both historical and personal interest to beginners and intermediate practitioners alike.

£10.79 from the Watkins Book Shop


dragon bonesDragon Bones – Ritual, Myth and Oracle in Shang Period China (Jan Fries): Shang period China: an obscure and mystical time, and fertile ground for those seeking information on more arcane Eastern rituals and divinations. Jan Fries provides historical, political and mythological context to the shamanistic and oracular practices of the era, and explains the meaning of the glyphs carved into the oracle bones themselves, the book containing over three thousand examples of such inscriptions.

£36.99 from the Watkins Book Shop
the witchs guide to wandsThe Witch’s Guide to Wands (Gypsey Elaine Teague): What would a witch be without her wand? As the most recognisable tool in the witch’s toolbox, we are certainly all familiar with the wand in popular culture. But how does one go about choosing his or her wand? What of its anatomy? What materials are used in its construction; and how, for example, does a wand crafted of hazel differ in its properties to a wand made of silver? Gypsey Elaine Teague examines in detail the component parts of the witch’s wand, how to properly make use of it, what results to expect and much more in this comprehensive guide.

£14.99 from the Watkins Book Shop


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