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Physical Action is King

A few years ago I was chatting with my guiding spirits. I was eager to understand more about how creative visualisation could be turned into physical results. At which point I was vigorously reminded that in a physical world, physical action is the strongest force.

As with many useful things my guiding spirits have pointed out to me, the time lag between receiving a useful insight and actually managing to make proper use of it was measured in years. This article is about how you can immediately access the energy for physical action.

Why do you need this?

Here are some reasons:

  • How big is the gap between the fantasies of the things you want to do in this world and what you are achieving?
  • How often have you daydreamed about doing something but never quite felt the energy to do it?
  • How persistent is your inner sense that you could be achieving a lot more?

Here are practical steps which work:

1.         Reality Check

If you have not already noticed, then please pay attention to the fact that the life you are experiencing right now is an illusion. An illusion you created. You might have heard or read about this, but you actually have to check this out for yourself. Fortunately the Earth Plane energies have improved sufficiently that if you apply the latest insights into Astral Projection you can.

Physical Action is King

2.         Energy for Action or Daydream?

Thoughts and ideas will continually come into your mind. Some are likely to turn into physical reality, and some are not. You can tell the difference. The energetic feel of a force for action is very different from a daydream. Learn to differentiate between the two.

3.         What is the Real You up to?

What your human mind thinks you want, and what the Real You intends want are frequently not the same. Notice how the Real You supplies you with the energy for action. Whereas, whilst the mind can fantasise, it does not create the raw energy for action.

4.         Ground the Energy for Action

When you feel an energy for action present, then let it flow into your physical body as soon as possible. Allow it to ground by turning it into physical action as soon as possible. This is because it tends to arrive in bursts or waves. If you miss a wave, there will probably be another along later, but it will be later.

5.         Small Steps

You might get luck and occasionally experience a grand vision of something, however, most of the time you probably won’t. This is because the human mind’s ability to interpret the energy for action is relatively small. Consequently, it often has trouble interpreting more than a small portion of a project. Your human mind will therefore only normally be aware of small steps in the Real You’s projects. Therefore, work with the small steps.

In conclusion, you are a being of pure energy. But whilst you are experiencing the Earth Plane, remember to ground that energy into physical action sooner rather than later. This is what rules the world you are operating in.


David McCready

David McCready is a structural engineer whose attention has been turned to switching on human minds higher awareness. He trains visiting souls in the practicalities of switching on higher dormant abilities in their allocated human vehicles. Visit his website for more information on communicating with your Guiding Spirit, Astral Projection, and downloading the Energy for Action.

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