Philippa Rees on Involution

Philippa talks about her book Involution at Watkins on February 13, 2014.

When Philippa Rees offered involution as a scientific thesis at Cambridge forty years ago, it received open scorn from scientists for its revolutionary hypothesis. It proposed that the language and methods of science, precluded perception of what underpins science and creation itself. That was before science caught up; it might be ready now. “Involution — An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God” has been called ‘…a brilliant and profoundly erudite epic…a heroic intellectual tour de force…’ (by David Lorimer, the Director of the Scientific and Medical Network) and both ‘brave…and totally insightful’ (by Ervin Laszlo) but the book defies description; it breaks all the rules and is unlike any other. It is so comprehensive in its sweep, original in its writing, and its synthesis, that to isolate any aspect is to misrepresent all the others.

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