Perception How Our Bodies Remember

Perception: How Our Bodies Remember

Patti Conklin on the basis of perception, how we store emotions in our body and how we can choose to live beautifully.

This article first appeared in Watkins Mind Body Spirit, Issue 43.

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ur bodies remember everything. All that we have ever said or thought remains stored within us, inside the very cells that make up our physical being. When we look at our world, we look through the lens of our past. We carry with us the emotional history that comes attached to our everyday life. Each emotion felt and every word said or thought is a physical manifestation in our bodies. In essence, therefore, when we look at our current life, we look at it from the history that has already been established within our body.

In my profession, I help to reveal the manifestations that so many people overlook within themselves. It is important to take ten steps backwards in order to see the big picture and gain some perspective in whatever current situation we find ourselves involved. You cannot see the forest through the trees; everything is about perception.


When I work with someone to heal or bring peace, I must help them realize what it is in their life that needs to be changed. Inasmuch as it is impossible to change what you do not know, it is essential in healing to be honest with yourself about what you do know. What is it really that is making you happy or unhappy? Sometimes we can only get these answers from within ourselves, but often we need someone on the outside to talk to in order to gain perspective. It can be a trusted family member, friend or counselor… anyone to help reveal what we have stored and why. Once we understand and know ourselves, only then are we given the insight so essential to change.

If you and I shared an event together, such as watching a sunset, we may have two completely different experiences. You might watch the sunset in total serenity, remembering childhood days of playing in the park until the sun went down. I might watch it with anxiety, remembering an old fear of the dark that I battled with even into adulthood. We look at the events within the context of our personal history.

We also experience life not just based on our history but also in how we communicate in our everyday speech. I may be an auditory person and you may be visual, so you may remember seeing the colors of the sunset and I may remember hearing the crickets waking up for their nightly song.

This is the basis of perception: what form of communication we use and what our individual history is. The words we would use to describe that sunset and the emotion we attach to it is what we will store within our ‘immune system’, or what I refer to as our ‘subtle energy field’.

What we are storing becomes so important because any negative word that you speak and every negative thought that you think has an emotion attached to it. This negativity is being stored within your body without you ever knowing it. As it flows through you, it starts to slow down and begins to create a density ultimately leading to a ‘blockage’ in your immune system. These blockages can cause physical illness or disease.

It is important to remember that although we have innumerable ways to walk through our lives, our decision to attach emotions to words is what creates our everyday reality. As an example referring again to sunset, if you have no ability to speak, hear, think, or feel—that is, you can only see—then sunset is simply that, a sunset. The significance is in the words and thoughts we give to the event, such as, “=’Wow! What an incredible sunset!’ or, ‘That sunset made me realize how fortunate I am to be alive!’ or, ‘Well, the clouds got in the way, so I couldn’t see much, but those clouds were spectacular!’ These statements are neutral, unconditional or positive, and any will join with your body in strengthening your immune system.

Conversely, if you look at the event and think, ‘What a waste of time! I missed the game on T.V. for this?’ or, ‘What a blah ending to a terrible day’, then such thoughts are negative and will flow into your immune system as such. These are the kind of observations that, like the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, will eventually create a blockage. This is how an illness can begin.

It is vital to know and remember that each of us has the ability to choose how to respond to situations in our lives. Indeed, since it is your perception of life that creates the experience, then choose to live beautifully!

About the author: Patti Conklin is a world-class energy healer and much sought-after facilitator who has shared her experiences and changed lives at hundreds of workshops, lectures and conferences throughout the last two decades. She is a frequent keynote speaker and presenter at alternative and allopathic conventions.  She is the creator of ColorWorks, a visualization process that uses active vibration within your body to release or heal specific symptoms, emotions or physical challenges.

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