Our Sexual Higher Self

(by Becky Walsh)

The full article appears in Watkins Mind Body Spirit Issue 25.

This article first appeared in Watkins Mind Body Spirit – Issue 25 (Autumn-Winter 2010-2011)

This article first appeared in Watkins Mind Body Spirit, Issue 25 (Autumn-Winter 2010-2011)

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]ntuitive Lovers is a book for people who want to find a deeper, ego-free consciousness in their sexual connections.

The ego has planted demands in our society; so that if we don’t orgasm, tie each other up and scream until the neighbours complain, we are doing it wrong and are inadequate, which keeps us away from the feeling of oneness that can be found in each other’s arms.

Secretly we all believe that we are ‘the one’. We believe we are somehow special; there is something about us that is different to other people. We want someone else to see it and feel that we are ‘the one’. We are also looking for someone else that we can feel is ‘the one’. The truth is we are all one, there is no duality.

We are all an aspect of the ‘one’ that split into smaller vibrational pieces. Reconnecting with one of those divine pieces through open, loving sex, reminds us that we are not alone, that we were never separate from one another.

We all have a collective consciousness and we are all energy in vibration. You are not in your body; your body is inside of you. What you are is immortal; what you are is energy. We are looking for an energetic match, a vibe that is at one with our own.

We are spirit beings learning through experiences we are having in this physical existence. Many people who wish to develop their spiritual self-esteem look at sex as if it will get in the way of them reaching a level of enlightenment. Priests, nuns and monks take a vow of celibacy giving themselves instead to God.

If we are all the creation of God, then we all have that energy inside of us. Through connection with another person’s soul, through an intimate physical connection, we feel the presence.

Most of the time we only want to be happy ourselves; when we are in love we want the happiness of another person. We move from an ego-self of wanting to be happy to our higher-self of wanting to give happiness. This can be the start of a bigger journey from “what about me” to “what about you”.

We have an ego because the ego keeps our physical body protected; it also fights hard for the survival of the species. It doesn’t mean that we can’t transcend the ego when it comes to making love to a person, even if it is our first sexual encounter with someone we hardly know. Their ego may bring about the idea of separation, but your love will bring about unity.

Ego-self = Separation

Intuitive Lovers

Intuitive Lovers by Becky Walsh, published by O Books, £11.99 Paperback (214 pages).

Higher-self = Unity

It’s very much like having a split personality: the devil of the ego on one shoulder and the angel of the higher-self on the other. These are both voices in our head. We do have a choice about which thoughts we listen to. We are not our thoughts, but we are the ‘thinker’ of those thoughts. The thinker can teach the mind to have productive, positive thoughts, and you have a choice about which “head voice” you listen to.

Our thoughts dictate what we make a situation or experience mean, and from that decision our emotions follow. Even if the decisions we made about a situation came from watching our parents when we were children. We do have a choice, to look at the root of our thoughts and to come from our higher-self. This raises our personal vibration. So in other words the sound that we send out into the world is a sound of Love and not of Fear.

This sound plays out from our energy field; like I have said: you are not in your body, but your body is inside of you. When you have sex with a person your energy fields intertwine, their song is joined with yours. There is no reason why you cannot read someone’s energy and allow them to read yours, thus bringing forward the most amazing connection and turning off the head voice, both for long-term relationships and one-night stands.

Meet the Author: Becky Walsh is one of the UK’s leading thinkers on intuition and spirituality. She is author of the popular book Advanced Psychic Development, Haunted West End Theatres, and numerous CDs and down-loadable audio courses. Becky was a teacher at the London College of Psychic Studies for five years. She is best known for her own radio show which aired for two years in the UK, a talk show on spiritual subjects. Becky is also a feature writer for High Spirits and Its Fate magazines and often sells out workshops at Mind Body Spirit festivals. Becky performs a psychic stand up comedy show and is currently splitting her time between London and San Francisco. Visit her website at: www.beckywalsh.com.

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