Our Pick of the Day is Penumbrae – An Anthology of Occult Fiction

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Various Authors
Penumbrae – An Anthology of Occult Fiction
Three Hands Press
£22.99, Available from Watkins Books

Book description: Penumbrae is a collection of thirteen works of Occult Fiction by some of that genre’s great luminaries. The locus of this anthology lies in tales that embody a metaphysical position, as opposed to fiction that merely employs metaphysical trappings to enforce a materialist worldview. Occult fiction, by contrast, strives to evoke the energies that inform such symbols, and create a vital experience for the reader. Far beyond mere description, this is work that proves its value through its capacity to seduce, captivate, and incept states of magical consciousness. Like the practice of magic itself, the finest works of occult fiction will be distinguished by their power to evoke an embodied experience, and to tangibly compel shifts in consciousness while arousing the uncommon. It intoxicates the rite of reading as much as it permeates the spaces between readings.
Penumbrae features tales from the following authors: Kenneth Grant; Richard Gavin; Andrew D. Chumbley; Daniel A. Schulke; Sun Yung Shin; Hanns Heinz Ewers; Lee Morgan Caitlín R. Kiernan; Don Webb; Patricia Cram; Michael Cisco; Dale Pendell; Brian Evenson

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