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Friday 22nd, May 2015 / 16:40

Here is a quick look at some titles just arrived this week.



Skye ann louise Taylor
A Monk in the Beehive introduces and carries the reader to a higher octave of beekeeping. It has been called forth by the need for a recognition of the forces informing all of life itself. Drawing on her experiences as a Buddhist monk, Skye ann louise Taylor is adroit in her perception and application of sacred principles to life in the bee hive. Sacred geometry, astronomy, sacred queens and holy drones meld and swirl together in hives made of wood that resonate with the underlying formative forces moving throughout the hive and its surrounds.

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In Dancing with the Void, Sunyata chronicles his life-journey from contemplative Danish farm boy to humble Himalayan cave dweller. Born in Denmark, in 1890, Sunyata was from birth, utterly without desire, ambition and ego. Thus, the name “Sunyata”-and description of “rare-born mystic”-was given to him years later in India by the revered sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi. His fateful journeys, inspiring friendships, and the spiritual wis-dom shared in these collected writings, all reflect the soul of an authentic seer. Sunyata’s experiences and musings are ever relevant, for they concern something that is of value to all-the illumination and liberation of the human spirit.

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Matthew Levi Stevens
Burroughs writings often describe magical, mystical or occult ideas – Invocations of Elder Gods, descriptions of Sex-Magick rituals, references to amulets, charms, ghosts, omens and spells. Then there is his personal involvement with belief systems and practices that come from strange ‘other’ territories: Scientology, Electronic Voice Phenomena,Orgone Accumulators; Ayahuasca and Chaos Magic. This book is the first ever in depth consideration of the significance of magic and the occult in the life and work of this counter-cultural icon.

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