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indexWhite Eagle
Walking with White Eagle in Sacred Places
White Eagle Publishing Trust
£9.99, Available from Watkins Books

Wherever we live or however physically mobile we are,we can reconnect with the ancient wisdom and find our own personal ‘Holy Grail’of inner truth and spirituality. Combining White Eagle’s teaching on the ‘ancient centres of power in the world’ with advice on how everyone can make their own pilgrimage at an inner level and numerous moving tales of real life experiences, this book serves as a useful all round introduction to the practice of pilgrimage.

indexKathryn Harwig & Jean Harwig
Become a Psychic Wanderer: Expand Your Mind and Soul Through Travel
Llewellyn Publications
£12.99, Available from Watkins Books

Discover the benefit of leaving home with intention-whether you are walking around the corner or travelling around the world.Humorous and touching stories are interlaced with easy exercises that teach you how to open your third eye, focus your intention, get intuitive advice, raise your energy field, conquer fear , and manifest your desires. Use your intuitive senses to become a psychic wanderer and watch your life become an adventure in joy.

pilgrimageSheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook
Pilgrimage – The Sacred Art: Journey to the Center of the Heart
Jewish Lights Publishing
£14.99, Available from Watkins Books

This fascinating look at the sacred art of pilgrimage integrates spirituality, practice, spiritual formation, psychology, world religions and historical resources. It examines how the world’s religious pilgrimages evolved as central spiritual practices and the relationship between pilgrimage and transformation.
It explains what makes a place holy and why and how some sites are so compelling that they attract thousands,even millions of pilgrims each year.

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