Meet the Author: Karen L French

meet the author2Karen L French is an author and Untitled-1artist known for her books, Gateway to the Heavens and The Hidden Geometry of Life. She will talk at Watkins Bookshop on June 30 at 6.00pm about her book Gateway to the Heavens. Her passions are symbolism and sacred geometry from a multi-disciplinary perspective. She looks at the science behind numbers, shapes, colours, and their roles in forming reality as well as their use as symbols and tools in the Arts and in spirituality. You can find out more information about her talk here.
Meet the Author is a series of short interviews prior the author’s talks at Watkins Books.


Which books and author inspired you to get started writing?
As part of my research I read extensively, covering a wide range of subjects across all the disciplines and every single book, article or paper has inspired me in some way. In my view this is the purpose of non-fiction – to expand the readers horizons by sharing information and insights and so to encourage them to investigate the subjects further. No single non-fiction book has stimulated me to write. I was motivated by a strong desire to share my discoveries with others and to inspire them in their own quest for understanding sacred geometry, the dynamics of reality and their place within it.
When I read fiction I love to be taken into other worlds where the rules are different. In my teens I read Tolkein’s Lord of The Rings several times under the bed covers with a torch. Authors such as Orwell were also a preference. As my kids grew up I read their books as well, such Harry Potter and Eragon. In general I like my fiction to be light and favour science fiction, fantasy fiction and detective novels. Terry Pratchett’s humorous Disc World Series is top of my list of favourite reads. Pratchett cleverly blends, science, magic, philosophy and human traits of behaviour. Best of all he uses words creatively, ingeniously playing on their meanings and purpose. I suppose you could say that I take the view that reality is not what it seems and it is magical, hence my taste in fiction.

What are your goals and intentions as a writer?
My main intention is to make a difference to people’s lives. When others find my work of use, or it helps them to understand something, has a positive impact or inspires them in any way then I feel all the years I have invested are worthwhile and I have achieved something in my own life. Effectively I want to open the reader’s mind and plant the seeds of ideas that will grow in their lives. Central to The Gateway Series books is a geometric model called the Gateway to the Heavens. The intention of this series is to explain this model, its constituent parts, what they mean, their purposes in structuring reality and how we can use them to effect our own lives. There will be at least 5 books in The Gateway Series as this universal model is fundamental to making reality work and it can be used in a wide variety of ways.
Underlying patterns in our world have always fascinated me as has investigating ideas, solving knotty issues and consolidating knowledge to show how pieces of the puzzle fit together. It is my intention to explain the nature of reality, as I understand it, the power of the Mind and sacred geometry in an accessible way without any complex mathematics. I am a very visual person and try to present complex information and knowledge using images, diagrams and descriptions as much as possible with the intention that readers can see it for themselves. Images will always play a big role in my books.
In The Gateway Series I provide readers with an overview of a big picture with some pertinent examples to back up my opinions and to show how everything fits together. If I could I would share everything I have discovered but that would make my books extremely onerous and defeats the intention of inspiring readers to investigate subjects for themselves.

What empowers you in your daily work and life?
I have to really believe in what I do otherwise I don’t have the energy and passion for it. A problem will present itself to me as an image or question in my mind and it sets wheels in motion. I chase it through investigation, gradually understanding it better by synthesising information. Then the light bulb moment comes, usually from an insight, and I am spurred into action on a mission. This is in total contrast to when I paint, which is a more spontaneous, flowing, meditative experience that I become immersed in. Passion comes through when you do and talk about your work and also in your daily life. Even when I am doing mundane chores I try to make them a positive experience, or calming. Intent is important and any negativity will become part of you and what you are doing, so a positive, happy mind-set is important.
When I meet readers or people who have come to my talks and hear how my work has had a positive impact on them it really motivates me to keep going. I really enjoy seeing a battered copy of one of my books with lots of yellow markers hanging out and hearing about how people are using symbolism and sacred geometry in their own fields.
My head is in thinking mode or staring at a screen for hours when I am working on a book. I have to consciously take a moment or two every so often to look out at my surroundings and notice dynamics in Nature, or in social circles, to plug back in or I would be lost in my head for days on end. Interruptions from my family members, painting, a good walk or exercise, always helps to ground me and stimulates my energy levels.

Do you have a daily spiritual practice?
Almost every day I make notes when insights and ideas come through. Most often these are in the evening and early hours of morning but they can come in at inconvenient times, such as when I am driving on a motorway. I have to write them down as soon as I can so that my head is cleared or I can’t stop thinking about them. There are boxes full of bits of paper by my desk that I trawl through regularly. Recognising a positive insight or idea when it presents itself and making use of it gives it life. They can make a difference in yours and other people’s lives and have come to you for a reason.
It has become a regular practice to clear my cellular memory as negative emotions arise through a combination of EFT, colour systems, Reiki and my own methods. As part of this I don’t eat any sentient creatures as this is cruel and also because I don’t want their negative emotions to become part of my energetic system.
In the evening I try to fit in a meditation or visualisation and I really feel the benefits of practicing Tai Chi Chuan when I can.

What is your idea of happiness?
My idea of happiness is a sense of inner peace, balance, serenity, calm and feeling full of a warm sense of joy. All is well within and without. Everything makes sense and is in perspective.

What is your next project?
I am always working on multiple projects and as they grow and take shape one will inevitably become my main focus of attention for completion. At the moment I am in the closing stages of finishing the manuscript for the next book in The Gateway Series for release in 2016. Without giving too much away, it has to do with the human body.

Is there anything you want to say to your readers?
Keep an open mind, observe, contemplate, question and consider things from many points of view. You are part of an amazing reality that can be explored in many ways. Make the most of your talents. As a co-creator of reality always be aware of the intent behind your thoughts, words and deeds. Take ownership of your choices and be-live them.





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