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Meet the Author: Jennifer Kavanagh

Watkins Bookshop will host Jennifer Kavanagh’s talk on March 24 at 6.00 pm. Jennifer will talk about her latest Untitled-1non-fiction book A Little Book of Unknowing that  invites the reader to step back and let go habitual ways of thinking to leave space to the unknown. For more information about the author’s biography visit our website. Prior the talk we invited Jennifer to answer to some questions on inspirational books, spirituality and practice.

W: Is there any event or encounter in your life that you consider a stepping stone in your spiritual journey?
J: Yes, a major one. I used to be an independent literary agent, had worked in publishing for nearly 30 years. I was unsettled, feeling at odds with the prevailing celebrity and bottom-line culture. It was only when faith overtook me that I realised that I could just stop. I didn’t know what I was going to do, and it didn’t matter. For the first time, I didn’t have my eye on my CV, didn’t try to plan. I let go of the need to know. I knew I would be shown, and I have been. The feeling of freedom was powerful and  I wondered why it had taken me so long to understand how to run my life. I have tried to stick with it ever since.

W: Which books have influenced your life the most?
J: Thomas Merton: The Intimate Merton
Brother Lawrence: The Practice of the Presence of God
Aldous Huxley: The Perennial Philosophy
Thomas Kelly: A Testament of Devotion.

W: Do you have a daily spiritual practice?
J: Silence for the first hour or two of the morning and usually some spiritual reading. Pausing throughout the day and spending quiet time in the natural world. The Quaker meeting for Worship once or twice a week is crucial as well as the daily practice of gratitude.

W: What is your idea of happiness?
J: Being in tune with all around me, at one with all that is. Awareness of our interconnectedness. Harmony.

W: What empowers you in your daily work and life?
J: The knowledge that I will be guided, if I let go of my need to control. That I need only to leave space for grace to work in me.

W: An advice to give to Watkins Magazine readers…
J: Even in the busiest lives, there is room for a sacred pause. Between actions, pause and remember who you are.



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