Mary Perigoe: Eat Right, Think Right, Move Right

Mary Perigoe, a long-time contributor to the media on beauty and fitness, was one of the first to introduce yoga, reflexology and colour therapy to Britain. After switching from medical social work to natural health therapy in the 1960s, Mary designed exercise and body work programmes at Elizabeth Arden and then at the Berkeley Hotel. Mary has lectured at the London College of Fashion, and has contributed to magazines and newspapers including Harpers and Queen and the Daily Telegraph. She lives in London. Think Right, Eat Right, Move Right follows Mary’s personal quest for whole health – mental, physical and spiritual – that took her beyond the confines of conventional medicine and religion. From Mary’s lifetime of helping her clients achieve physical and emotional wellbeing, she will help you understand the principles of whole health, as formulated by the Ancient Greeks, and take you through many practical exercises designed to improve posture, overcome emotional insecurity, delay the ageing process … and much more.

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