love what you do

Love What You Do

by John Paul Khoury
For true success you must love and be present, paying attention to fine detail and quality in what you do. If there is no love in your work, it will interrupt your ability to enjoy success. You may find yourself stopping yourself from achieving alignment and feeling a real sense of satisfaction. Every experience, relationship, circumstance, and event is a chance to learn everything you need to know to become successful. You must remember that putting love in what you do is the source connecting you to wealth and abundance. Remember, everything is a degree love.

Here is one thing you must always remember in your path to success: you must always keep the positive energy flowing to you without any resistance. Being unforgiving, ungrateful and unloving are all resistance barriers to attracting wealth and abundance. Do not resist the energy that wants to give you all the good you want and need by being absent in love. By allowing this energy that is constantly coming your way to be expressed easily and freely, then you will also be allowing the flow of wealth and abundance to also come freely and easily back to you.
Everything you have ever needed is within you. You don’t have to work yourself to the bone trying to go out and get it. Right now, it is within you. You may have thought all of this time that you needed it, but the truth is, you don’t need it at all. That’s because you already have it. All you needed was to access a higher conscious awareness and tap to it.

When you access this awareness, you will enjoy wealth in all things. Remember that your all-knowing spiritual plane is already perfect and abundant. It is not leading the way to all that you want. Abundance is already here and it is calling you to what you need. Your spirit will never force you to take a certain direction, because you have free will to choose what degree of love you want to give in service to the greatest good of humanity. When you listen closely and make the choice to follow your spiritual planes life mission, then it will call you in the right direction.

At confusing times in your life, if you listen too much to one part of the Trifecta by paying attention more one of the planes, of the body, mind and spirit separately, you will think you are headed towards failure, not achieving success and happiness. If you continue getting lost or off track, stuck in past or future mind thoughts, you will get unaligned from your spiritual life’s mission, and you will not attract the greatest satisfactions in life.


John Paul Khoury
John Paul Khoury
Wealth and Abundance

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