Near-Death experience

Love Broke Through: My Near-Death Experience

Penny Wilson is a 47-year-old retired nurse from Kentucky, USA. Penny Wilson’s near-death experience is featured in Penny Sartori and Kelly Walsh upcoming book The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences.

In August of 2014, I developed a condition called idiopathic anaphylaxis. This immune system disorder strikes its victims suddenly, causing swelling of the airway, dangerous drops in blood pressure, and ultimately death if not treated quickly. It’s a rare condition, and on that day in August, it nearly took my life. I was rushed to the emergency room where I stopped breathing, was intubated, put into a medically induced coma, placed on life-support, and flown to a larger hospital. After going into respiratory arrest, I left my body and had a near-death experience, that persisted throughout the 3 days I lay in a coma.

Time was different on the spirit-side. Each moment was like a second and an eternity all at once. Sometimes things happened very slowly, over what seemed like years, while other times things happened instantaneously. When I left my body, and crossed over to the other side, I spent time in a dark and endless void. It was there where I sorted myself out, examining my thoughts, words, and deeds from my earthly life.

I’d used my bodily existence poorly, becoming singularly focused on work and raising my children; all the while neglecting my own spirit. Over the years, I’d isolated myself, spending less and less time doing the things I loved. I’d let friendships slip away and eventually developed a social anxiety that made me fearful to even answer the telephone.

Surveying my life, I realized the void I seemed to be stuck in on the spirit-side, was a place I’d built. What an epiphany! There I was living in a self-imposed captivity, constructed with the bricks I had laid – bricks of isolation and spiritual neglect. The realization was profound yet so obvious. Why hadn’t I seen it sooner?

At once, a powerful energy shook me from my thoughts, and EVERYTHING stopped. It was as though the world quit spinning. All noise and every bit of mental chatter ceased. It was strikingly foreign to have all my self-critical thoughts, fears, and anxieties halted. Quiet enveloped me, and a presence so striking it stilled my heart, pulled me into an embrace.

I stood in the presence of the Creator, and knew Him in a sense that was physical, spiritual and intellectual. Pure Love held me weightless in its invisible arms, while the fullness of my life played out before me – both the good and the perceived bad projected like a movie on an imaginary screen. My life had been a winding love story, giving me rich and poignant experiences, meant for my spiritual growth.

Having been a nurse for years, I’d seen life’s final moments unfold many times; as patients surrendered themselves to what we call, death. Watching them slip away, I wondered if the spark of their existence was fading to nothing, or if they were being swept into a glorious realm by unseen arms. Now I was on the spirit-side, overjoyed to know for sure it was the latter.

“Death” has forever changed my life. I’m different now… stronger – yet open to being hurt and okay with being fragile. I’m real and vulnerable and honest. I love more freely and forgive more readily. I finally understand we’re here to enjoy this life…all of it. These trials and struggles are designed for our own good; to teach our spirits and give us the opportunity to let others in. Helping them grow through our weaknesses. I’m grateful for my time in the void and in the light. I’m learning to let down my walls, and discovering that what lies beyond them is amazing!

Read more about the transformational effects of  NDEs in The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences, a book written by Penny Sartori and Kelly Walsh, available from November 2017. The book contains a selection of  stories from ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences that have changed the course of their lives and opened each and every one of them to the power of divine love. 





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