Looking in the Right Direction

by Thomas Daniel Nehrer

Tom Nehrer travels widely from his Pennsylvania home to present unique perspectives on consciousness. His books and internationally recognized website offer unparalleled insights into the interactive function of Consciousness/Reality.

Often spiritual/consciousness endeavors promote exotic techniques to explore esoteric planes.  But your most intimate view of your core conscious nature is to be seen, not by defying your awareness through trance state, nor by transcending your immediate focus, but by simply recognizing how your real life reflects your core being.

You are connected to the life unfolding in your path.  You create patterns all the time, repeating throughout life these patterns in your health, relationships and success or failure.  An immediate recognition of that connection – Clear Awareness, I call it – is the ultimate goal of meditation, just as it would happen spontaneously during mystic experiences.

The problem – the inhibiting barrier to this level of awareness ongoing – is the fallible nature of the mind: whatever ever you believe in seems to be true.  Your psyche, programmed from early childhood with cultural beliefs and definitions, invariably confirms its pre-established tenets.  Believe in a god, there seems to be one.  Accept science, the world seems impelled by defined sources and forces.  Think luck and fate are forces out there?  They appear real.

But beliefs never clarify how life works; they only distort perception of it.

Thus, the path to clearer awareness of your conscious nature as integrated within life’s unfolding events and relationships is not to grasp new paradigms and spiritual-sounding, esoteric practices – but to jettison all the old ones.

You will find there are always inner elements to real patterns you create in life.  You are connected to those disappointments, those physical ailments, to rejection and disregard encountered.  You attract them via inner conflict and by projecting your own creative power out to illusory forces and sources: not the government, the economy, bacteria, conditions, rich people, bad luck, some deity nor flowing energy creates your problems.  You do.

And you won’t effectively fix them until you recognize that.

The Essense of Reality by Tom Nehrer

In The Essence of Reality, I pinpoint exact Mechanisms of Mind that underlie real issues in your life: suggestion, emulation, motivation, struggle and others.  Every problem you face has inner roots.  When you find those inner elements and jettison them, the body heals, your life improves.  There is always an inner-outer connection: your life is manifested from within.  Call it the Tao, Nirvana or the Kingdom of Heaven within – there is a flow in your life, and you are the source.

My second book, The Psyche Exposed, just released, looks deeper at constructs within the mindset common to our western culture, notions absorbed from parents as cultural “truths” whereby we project our personal, determinative power outwards – fixing them on presumed external causes.  And PE tracks extensively the course of Western Philosophy – noting how and when new ideas were introduced into western thinking and how they ended up in your mind.

No imagined god ever caused anything.  Ki flows as your total mindset channels it.  Thought, directed as in visualization, doesn’t impel your reality – only your comprehensive mindset does.  However, the deep, rich content that fills your psyche is complex and interrelated, providing its own illusions of phony, external force.  To attain Clear Awareness, you have quite a path ahead to dispel fallacious notions and clear away inner roots to outer problems.

But my books and always free website at www.nehrer.net – lay it out for you.  There’s no guru to follow, no glorious pathway, no candles or crystals, no membership, no organization – just techniques to delve inward (meditation, self-hypnosis, ideomotor responses, dream analysis) and straigheforward insights into your very being.

If you’ve outgrown exotic techniques, fancy-sounding terminology and esoteric planes, I’ll help you see the nature of your Self and its Oneness with the Reality you encounter.


by Thomas Daniel Nehrer, Author of The Essence of Reality – A Clear Awareness of How Life Works and The Psyche Exposed – Inner Structures, How They Impact Reality, and How Philosophers, Scientists and Religionists Misconstrue Both

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