Living with the Afterlife by Ali Norell

Ali Norell celebrates the launch of her book, “The Truth Inside: Messages from My Daughter in the Afterlife“ (O Books).

In July 2014 Ali’s youngest daughter, Romy, died suddenly aged four months. Ali’s lifelong belief in spiritualism was challenged in the hardest way possible, but through encounters with spiritual mediums and with several experiences that she found difficult to explain away, she found her way back to hope and positivity.

“The Truth Inside” asserts that our link with our loved ones is never severed, even by death. Above all, it is a tribute from a devoted mother to her daughter and a gift to anyone who grieves; offering a warm hug, wordless understanding and compassion alongside the comforting knowledge that our loved ones are not lost.

Ali talks about the inspiration for this book as a memorial to her daughter’s life and how writing it lead her back from a dark place of grief to a positive and meaningful life.

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