Karen Ralls, PhD : Medieval Mysteries

Karen Ralls, Ph.D., is a medieval historian, specialist in the High Middle Ages period (1100-1300) and Celtic history, and was Deputy Director and Curator of the Rosslyn Chapel Art Exhibition (1996-2001) prior to relocating to Oxford. The author of six books, she serves as a conference and workshop presenter, historical sites and spiritual journey tour guide, professional film historical advisor, and musician (flute, harp) who loves stargazing, nature walks and fine chocolate. Medieval Mysteries explores twelve of the most-frequently-requested medieval topics today. From Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Umberto Eco’s Name of the Rose to the delights of Monty Python, the medieval period – pagan, Christian, and otherwise – continues to intrigue, inspire and fascinate many today. www.ancientquest.com

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