John de Ruiter on Meaning and Opening your Heart

John de Ruiter is a philosopher and teacher who inspires through his presence as much as his teaching. Essential to John’s philosophy is the practice and embodiment of what you truly know in your heart. John’s own embodiment of his deepest awakening inspires others to do the same. From the age of twelve, John’s awareness was radically exposed to dimensions that John describes as ‘greater reality.’ John shows others that the entrance to these levels is within the knowing of the heart. John’s meetings contain periods of silence, in which awareness can open with each word spoken, as well as dialogue. The quality of John’s meetings is a deep calm, while people often describe expansive seeing, energy, and awakenings beyond what they had imagined. The keynote of John’s teaching is ‘knowing’ and ‘core-splitting honesty’ which transcends the paradigms of our familiar selves. Yet, awakening and evolution begins in ‘open and softness of heart’, from which comes healing and the fulfillment of what it means to be alive.

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