John Baker on Dowsing

John Baker has appeared on several television programmes, Sissinghurt – National Trust property BBC2 & BBC 4, Sky and Jane Goldman Investigates on the Living Channel. Also ‘Impossible’ on Channel 5.
From time to time, a book comes along that does not fit any particular genre. Adventures of a 21st-Century Dowser crosses all boundaries with the adventures of a man who knew little about dowsing (divining) and, possibly like yourself, cared even less. By accident he discovered that the ability to dowse seemed, in relation to other people, to come easily to him. By trial and error, he embarked on a journey as mysterious as it is fascinating, meeting a whole range of characters and personalities along the way, all of whom add to the general intrigue of the story.
Easy to read with some enjoyable disasters, this book will introduce you to a whole new world which is accessible to everyone.

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