Meet Jane Meredith

Jane Meredith is an author and ritualist. She lives in Australia & works internationally. The Circle of Eight is an exciting magical system for developing powerful, J122transformative rituals based on your relationship with the land. Through explorations of mythic work, invocations, inner discovery, and relationships within magical circles, this book provides much-needed insight into the experience of local magic, whether you live in a rainforest, a city, or anywhere in between. With instructions for setting up your own Circle of Eight, Jane Meredith’s unique approach reinvents your relationship with traditional circle magic. Jane will talk at Watkins Books on September 10 at 6.30pm. Find out more information on our events page.

Which books and author inspired you to get started writing?
I love reading and always have. The acts of reading and writing were part of the same thing, the same magic, for me, and from the age of six I knew I would be a writer.
I always loved fairy tales and mythology. Some writers who were very influential in my twenties were Mary Daly (Gyn/Ecology), Monique Wittig (The Lesbian Body) and Russell Hoban (Riddley Walker).
There are so many authors and books that inspire me every week and month. I read a lot and this year set myself a goal of reading 175 books – I’m up to 101, so far.
Recent discoveries include Jo Walton, David Levithan and Hal Duncan’s The Book of All Hours in fiction; Peter Grey, Jeremy Taylor and Bill Plotkin in non-fiction.
I love almost everything by Alice Hoffman, Margaret Atwood, Kate Grenville, Alex Miller, Jean Rhys and actually, about a hundred others…

What are your goals and intentions as a writer?
Well. What a big question! I guess – to get this stuff out of my head and give it life, somehow. And to create dialogue, almost, with the reader; to engage with the reader’s mind, their life… to create relationship. And hopefully to be of use.
Also to serve the divine… the muses, the Goddess, the life-force. And to be engaged in that beauty on the page, where the words dance together and river into sentences that have never existed until now, that express just that moment, out of all the world, that spark and sing together. And certainly there’s also some mundane, definite intention of believing this work – Dark Goddess, Local Magic – whatever it is, is vitally important and has a place in the dialogue of magic and transformation and if I can give it that place…

What empowers you in your daily work and life?
Ritual empowers, refreshes, inspires me. Rituals with others and solo.
When I receive emails from readers talking to me about one of my books, or some particular piece of one. My belief, in myself and in the Goddess and the Wheel… they empower me. Definitely practical things, like having a space and time to write… they are absolutely needed. Sometimes just the white cockatoos screeching through the sky empowers me.

Do you have a daily spiritual practice?
I write one page in my diary every day; I have done for twenty-five years.
Apart from that, my practice often goes in month cycles, or six month or year cycles; so it changes through time but usually there are two or three things I’m focusing on at any one time. Right at this moment I’m focused on working with the Iron Pentacle, the strand of the Red Womb in Aphrodite’s Magic and a personal working with Freyja. Those workings might include reading and thinking, process work or journalling, ritual and spell-work…

What is your idea of happiness?
Oh! The perfect mix of traveling and staying beautifully at home… Love and intimacy balanced with deep aloneness… Working at writing and my workshops – actually creates immense happiness in me; not so much the thought of it but in the doing of those things. Trees and rivers and birds are part of my happiness… landscape, nature, being in it and part of it.
That wild, unafraid power of gazing into another eyes in truth and union, whether it’s in ritual, love-making or conversation. What a good question…

What is your next project?
In February Llewellyn will publish Magic of the Iron Pentacle: Sex, Pride, Self, Power & Passion, which I’ve co-authored with my friend Gede Parma, so in public terms, that’s my next project. But of course that’s already been written… So the next project for me is a book I’ve wanted to write for a long time, on working with the Goddess; the intimate ins and outs of how that is, how it’s been for me and different ways on how someone else could maybe approach that.

Is there anything you want to say to your readers?
Thank you so much for reading my books! I truly hope you take what is there and make it your own, in whatever way works for you. I love hearing from readers, and meeting you and continuing the conversation. I think reading is a magical act…

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