Interview with Tariq Goddard ~ author of “The Picture of Contented New Wealth”

Tuesday 13th, November 2018 / 11:24
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Tariq Goddard is the author of “Nature and Necessity”, “The Message”, “Homage to a Firing Squad”, “Dynamo” and “The Morning rides Behind Us”. He is also the publisher of Repeater Books and was the co-founder of the imprint Zero Books.

He talks about his “The Picture of Contented New Wealth”, which is a gothic chiller set in the 1980’s, bringing his literary sensibilities to the traditional horror novel.

An upwardly mobile teacher despairs as his wife succumbs to a ‘spiritual disease’ inside their unnervingly shadowed Hampshire home; her cricket-loving brother is baffled by what is happening to his clever sister; their son keeps digging up the dead cat and their au pair is trying to ignore all the demonic smells by reading Derrida.

“The Picture of Contented New Wealth” is a mix of social satire and mystical realism, dealing with the irreducibility of evil and its successful normalisation into our daily and dominant reality.

It was the Gold medallist in 2010 Independent Publisher(US) Book Awards Horror category.


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