Inner Alchemical Zen Healing by Leonardo Anfolsi Reiyo Eka

Zen Naikan is an alchemical spiritual practice cultivating inner energy for harmonious well being, healing and realisation. It integrates the principles of yoga with the essence of Qigong. This talk covers how the practice of Zen Naikan developed over the history of Zen Rinzai school Buddhism from Bodhidharma and its Taoist origins until the 18th century when it was formalised by the great Zen Master Hakuin.

Leonardo Anfolsi Reiyo Ekai is a Zen abbot and naturopath from Bologna, Italy. He entered monastic life at age 18 at Zenshinji, the first Rinzai Zen temple in Italy, which was founded by Master Yamada Mumon Roshi, who was one of the premier Rinzai Zen Masters of Twentieth-Century Japan. A healer and counselor, Anfolsi leads meditation sessions and retreats in which he teaches Zen energy practices. He has published many works on spirituality and alchemy, of which Zen Naikan represents both the culmination and the synthesis of these two seemingly unrelated fields.

Leonardo also shows practically the great power of Zen Naikan by performing a healing on two members of the audience.

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