Illness and Spiritual Transformation by Alison Murdoch

Monday 09th, October 2017 / 09:00
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When her husband Simon staggered through the front door on a sunny July afternoon, Alison Murdoch had no idea of the crisis that was about to unfold. He wasn’t drunk, and he hadn’t fallen off his bicycle – he had contracted encephalitis, a rare infection of the brain. Over the following five weeks, as Simon hovered on the brink of death, both their lives and marriage were transformed. Alison’s memoir Bed 12 is a poignant and darkly comic account of what it’s like to fight for someone’s life, and about how the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism helped her to navigate despair, heartache and the unknown. She is the former Director of Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London and the co-author of 16 Guidelines for a Happy Life.

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