I Remember

(By Natalie Ledger)


“It has been burnt upon the earth’s soil

 Oh, we do so remember

Forever young that history beats within the heart of November

I too, feel its ache, its whispers and its pain

Yet I strive to write a new path of wonder and of sane

With us, within, lies this moments new dawn

A better one, a brighter one

A balloon rising up in the morn

So alas, at this hour, let the missions be reversed

Set down your greatest weapons and have a glimpse of the surf

Today, a burst of rays anew, anew and oh so splendid

Like a mornings sweet, fresh dew; wet and open-ended

If only our hearts could sing the soul song of the earth

Perhaps then, our mastery of love would finally come to birth

Our missions control – WHO IS THAT? I ask YOU?

I pray this reality will finally have a clue

I ask to please savour the harping of young, eager tongue

But to also please sing the poets laughter of ancient, and of one

All I seek to see will be of majesty and of space

For alignment is all that we truly need in this divine, and beautiful place.

Ignite our holy battle of portraits of ourselves; but do it with the wise, and not from yells of hell

The breath of the prosperous is calling you today

But who will you take to your court

and on what level will you play?

We have been told, and we have been told, lest we forget

It is clearer and clearer that this be our debt

But what will it take to climb from the abyss?

And what is the opposite of war?


Meet the Author: Natalie Ledger is a screenwriter with the intention of bringing more esoteric and spiritual fantasy type films to the screen. She is currently writing three feature films and one kids TV show that embrace the metaphysical sides of life to varying degrees. With the anniversary of World War One this year, Natalie wrote this short poem in remembrance. You can contact her on twitter  Natalie_L777.

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