Human Angel

(by Grace Puskas)

I am a human angel
A humane angle.
Of shapes and vibrations,
Geometric sounds of persuasion.
My emotions creating the personality of form,
The disguise of persona forming this formless avatar.

Words flow through these channels in metaphor,
Energy zones connecting cosmic corridors
Through consciousness to these meridians which electrify,
Electrical frequencies conscious of the power to intensify
And change the dream.
Create the unseen…
See the creation…
Live through manifestation…
And manifest through dreaming the change.

The humane angles which make up this human angel,
Contain memories stored in the structure of DNA.
Our spiral remembering strands consumed by darkness; once lost to the game.
Of forgetting how to be human,
Loving ascending by recognizing what it means to be human,
Re- cognizing mind and body with spirit,
Spirit swimming into the existence of this physical adaptation,
Experiencing higher realms and dimensions,
Adapting to exist in this infinite ocean of word.
Thought, action and rhyme; connecting the timeless time,
This paradoxical concept rhyming in time with this powerful line….

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