Horoscopes for November by Demian Allan, Resident Astrologer of Watkins Books


With all the energy of Uranus and this year’s lunar eclipses the Aries could be caught between the Astrology and Channelling sections of the bookstore this year. Your planetary ruler Mars is in the earthly and rather complicated sign of Virgo, your sixth house ruler, it might be worth taking a look at the healing section at Watkins this month as balance and meridian points could assist you in focusing on the details of all your spiritual projects instead of being taking away on a cosmic magic carpet – go fourth and conquer!

Taurus loves its physical spirituality, earth energies, aromatherapy, massage and a hint of good old paganism. The planet Saturn is travelling in your opposite sign of Scorpio allowing a year of reflection and practical realism. The tarot card of ‘death’ in a metaphorical sense is a symbol that is very much aligned to you in the month of November. Venus your ruler is in Capricorn from the 5th in your ninth house of higher studies, enjoy the pleasurable side of your inner journey, pamper ones needs and look to the east!

Your ruler Mercury has been retrograde in October and until the 11th of this month is still causing havoc with your work matters, a little bit of Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now philosophy could come to use during these transits. Gemini always wants to embrace the new and needs to experience spirituality on a cerebral level, higher states of consciousness and psychotherapy are all positive avenues for your enquiring minds this month as you seek to displace some of your own myths, reach for Joseph Campbell.

Nurture is a word I always strongly associate with the zodiac sign of Cancer, the need to find community and family in this world is important to these individuals. The elements play a big part this month as Jupiter supports you and the autumnal qualities of close kinship become mantras for you crabs this month, a metaphorical Amma hug is needed not just to you Cancer, but also for you to embrace the enchantment of connecting with others on a deeper level.

There is an inner awareness about Leo’s this month as the Sun is transiting their fourth house, the roots of a chart and our ancestors, might be worth looking at past lives in Watkins and catching up with our cyclical lessons. Mars travels through your second house bringing self-value and money issues to the forefront of your mind, the more frugal aspects of your personality could come to the forefront as you begin a new endeavour in your rich spiritual journey.

Dam it Mercury, you always go backwards at the wrong time! Have patience my Virgo friends it is a mere blip that from the 11th will begin to ease. It might be worth looking at the art and practice of mindfulness meditation to ease your worried mind, but what are you worried about? A Virgo who does not have an active mind is not really a Virgo at all, accept, enjoy and help others on their path will lead to inner calm.

Ying and Yang, Sun and Moon, the polarity of balance and moral judgement always becomes a beacon of light with a Libra, the on-going question is always, is it fair? Time taken out from your busy schedule in November could prove to be quite enlightening as you seek a better understanding of how you value yourself and how equality can be put into action in your own life on a daily basis. It is a joy to behold when a Libran is fully embraced in leadership and forward thinking, Venus your ruler is giving you that opportunity – take it.

November is of course Scorpios month, full of mystery and celebration. Our Magick and Occult section should be a bustling hive of activity in November and why not indeed, the greater mysteries of life and its alchemical search is just the ticket for our Scorpion friends. Your traditional ruler Mars is activating your 11th house of hopes dreams and the collective, look to the Aquarian Ken Wilber’s work for a more rounded approach to states of consciousness.

The archer with their bow, the philosopher with their energy, the maverick with their hope, it’s all there in a Sagittarius. The Sun goes into your own sign on the 22nd of November ready for the party season, but with Saturn hiding in the 12th house you might be working on your own karma and how you ‘react’ in past situations. Psychic awareness is the order of the day as you find your eyes turning to a Buddhist attitude which is a contradiction I know, but that’s what we love about you archers this month.

Capricorn Alan Watts wrote a very good book called ‘The Wisdom of Insecurity’ an excellent read for you Capricorns during this heavy transit of Pluto which is in mutual reception with your ruler Saturn in Scorpio. Leaving it all behind is the thinking at the moment for the Goat, because in doing so we become liberated from the self, wise words, but how can that work on a practical level, time for the Capricorns to really step forward.

Which direction am I going and do I care? A quote for this month for the Aquarius a sign that when it should be zag is zig. The 8th and 9th house are activated concerning the deeper issues of life after death and yes Watkins does have a section on that very subject matter. But the bigger question is can a glass of red wine and a book of poetry really bring out the finer qualities of humankind, this month our waterbearers could discover some truth.

I bet if we did a survey on which star sign was the most popular in Watkins it would be Pisces and why, well they have all the knowledge at their fingertips already, they have experienced the 11th other signs paths. November seems them receive power from Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter, a combination that can teach others how to swim in the deepest spiritual waters and still get time to catch some air in the material world, what a gift, use it to your advantage.


Demian Allan

Demian Allan is a professional Psychic, Astrologer and Tarot reader. He is available for face to face readings every Sunday at Watkins. To book a reading, email Demian is the author of “The Astrological dynamics of the Universe, 1970-2020“, which is based on his regular column in Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit. The book looks at how the astrological cycles of planets in signs have had a major impact on the Western World since 1970, and how each zodiac sign can get the best from the next 8 years.

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