Horoscopes for December 2013 by Demian Allan, Resident Astrologer of Watkins Books


Aries is a power sign that wants to take action, the Martial Arts section could be of interest as Mars your planetary ruler is in your opposite sign of Libra from the 8th. The dichotomy of Mars is other people being direct with you, a certain amount of diplomacy is needed on your part, a swift turn towards our Modern Teachers section should alleviate your need to take control and yes a reminder to live in the present. Be warned though, Mars is in Libra till July 2014, better get used to it!

Dear old Saturn, can you please give me a break during this festive time? Could be the question many Bulls are asking at this time of year. December is about celebration and tradition, astrologically speaking this because the Sun is in Sagittarius ruled by expansive Jupiter to Capricorn ruled by Saturn a real contrast of signs. Hopefully Taurus can enjoy this period, only because they deserve to, our self-development section should provide a more philosophical view of the world, which Saturn might well agree on at this stage.

The Sun is in your opposite sign of Sagittarius for the majority of this month and with a full moon in your own sign on the 17th this could be a month that brings some kind of catalyst in your consciousness. This is a time to discover the more shadowy aspects of your personality a trip to our paranormal section of check out Peter Underwood’s new book on ghosts, you have been warned.

Jupiter is the expansive planet that is demanding that you crabs look at your spirituality in everyday life if it be Indian philosophy, Buddhism or even Zen, I need to look beyond is a common theme running through your mind at the moment. The month of December is important because time will feel like it is on your side for once, life is not linear and there is an understanding that time does not have to dictate as your mind takes you on a journey through time and space, enjoy!

Such is the Lion, the dream of celebration is so important and dramatic in their life, that they may feel a need to dress up and play to the crowd, something a lot of Leo’s enjoy doing. The metaphysical language is developed in Leo’s opposite sign of Aquarius, the great dreamer in the sky, which is ruled by unpredictable Uranus. This planet has been travelling in the sign of Aries and indeed it has supported the idea of creativity, a quick glance at ‘The Artists Way’ by Julie Cameron could well support any flagging days that you have, but the chance of that is becoming few and far between.

Enjoy the month of December Virgo’s a need to chill out and relax is vital to your equilibrium, with so many changes around you at the moment, you might feel a need to escape from your own mind, the meditation section at Watkins can also offer valuable assistance to a prying mind. Virgo’s should be looking forward to the New Year; it is a time of adventure and a time to step out of their routine.

The God of War Mars is in your own sign this month and this gives you an added steel of determination that will be with you throughout most of 2014. It is time to take advantage of this transit of Mars by showing your metaphorical battle gear to the world. Any decisions that have been needing attention could now be given a boost as you become much more direct in your approach to life’s trials and tribulations, maybe Ancient Egypt can provide you some answers?

The time to be merry is on the cards this month, so they say, a quick glance at the Tarot and Divination might give an indication on how other people are going to react in this high frequency time. Mars your traditional ruler is going into your solar twelfth house for a seven month period, a time of inner spirituality and reflection, something that comes easily to you, even Saturn might have a drink and smile during December, stranger things have happened.

Pull out the red carpet, the archer is in town ready to embrace any party that is upon us mere mortals. The archer realises that the time has come to celebrate all that has been achieved during this time. Jupiter their planetary ruler is in Cancer a sign that it is exalted in and therefore able to display some of its good attributes. The section that Watkins Books could provide some answers is written in the stars, astrology with its basis on the seasons could be a rewarding read.

Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception to each other is bringing in some real shifts in your evolution as a sign, and 2014 looks to be quite a powerful year for you as well. The trick is to try and stay out of the rat race and remain objective in the face of high pressure, no easy task for one who likes to have an objective in mind. But during this year you could find yourself slowly trying to convince others of your ideas and why you want them implemented, Hermetic wisdom needs to be applied to your natures as the God Pan can create a bridge between what you want and what you get.

The Sun is placed in your 11th house a fitting transit as this is your rulership house, the idea of friends and the exchange of ideas is high on your list of priorities and a good thing to. The humanitarian of the zodiac can become a beacon of life during the month of December and with a drum beat and a catch of breath, it could be your lucky esoteric month.

With Neptune moving direct in your own sign you would think that the Pisces is charging forward in life, no such luck, there are options and they need to be considered carefully. The practice of being in the here and now as Ram Dass said could well allow a bit of indulgence on your part, but be warned as January approaches the tides begin to shift and create quite a stir in terms of your direction for the year ahead.


Demian Allan

Demian Allan is a professional Psychic, Astrologer and Tarot reader. He is available for face to face readings every Sunday at Watkins. To book a reading, email service@watkinsbooks.com. Demian is the author of “The Astrological dynamics of the Universe, 1970-2020“, which is based on his regular column in Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit. The book looks at how the astrological cycles of planets in signs have had a major impact on the Western World since 1970, and how each zodiac sign can get the best from the next 8 years.

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