Healing Properties of Hedgerow Plants by Jo Dunbar

Friday 23rd, June 2017 / 12:54
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Jo Dunbar, (winner of the Local Legend spiritual writing competition) talks about our connection to the medical and spiritual properties of common hedgerow plants. Taking us back in time to the mead halls of the ancient Celts and Anglo Saxons, she will talk about how herbs were used to heal illnesses caused by Elf Shot and Flying Venoms, and how the plants of the hedgerows were used to work with the land. Many people feel a great longing to make this reconnection and her book Spirit of the Hedgerow shows us a clear pathway back to working with Nature. Weaving together home herbal recipes, traditional folk lore, Celtic ceremonies, scientific evidence and her extensive experience as a medical herbalist, Jo reintroduces common weeds as beings of power as they flower through their seasonal cycles.

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