Healing Experience (by Laura Surico)

Tuesday 04th, March 2014 / 16:48

Laura Surico is a Reiki Master and energy healer who wanted to share her healing story with our readers.


I was diagnosed in November with a high grade brain tumour that was swollen and bleeding. I had suffered from headaches for the past few months but was given antibiotics for sinusitis by two doctors. I went to the Accident and Emergency department after being sick and not being able to see out of my left eye. My results were sent to Salford Neurology department. I was told by the surgeon I would need surgery to remove the majority of the tumour and for a biopsy to be taken. Following this I would need to have treatment of radiotherapy and possibly chemotherapy.  After receiving this news I had a seizure and suffered with anxiety and panic attacks.

A nurse told me in private about healing that her husband had received after being diagnosed with cancer and was now recovering. I had read about similar healing two years earlier in a book by Dr Wayne Dyer. A photograph was taken of me dressed in white and sent to Brazil with my diagnosis. Later that night I had a dream that a large and powerful figure was holding my thumbs. The blurriness in my left eye had disappeared and I could see.

The following day I had to sign the documents that outlined all the potential threats to my health, including loss of life. Whilst lying in the hospital bed I felt like I was in a state of despair. I couldn’t stop the tears that were flowing from me, I lay crying as quietly as I could but I knew I wasn’t silent. I felt like I was going mad. I was eventually prescribed diazepam to help to calm me down and so I could get some sleep.

I received the distance healing the same day as my brain surgery. I focussed intensely on healing myself with Reiki and allowing for healing to take place. It was a very bizarre day with wild winds howling and screeching through the hospital wards I could sense the energy was being sent to me.

On my return from hospital I dedicated my time to my health and healing work. I had a tremendous feeling of love and compassion within me and each word I spoke had the same energy flowing from me.

Two weeks later, on Christmas Eve I returned to the hospital for my results.  I knew I had to prepare myself and to be in a positive frame of mind in order to receive positive results. I firmly believe in the law of attraction and knew I had to be positive. Louise Hay healed herself from cancer along with many other people so I knew all I had to do was believe. And I did!

The surgeon told me that it was fantastic news and it was very rare for her to give such good news.  I was told that it wasn’t cancerous and I wouldn’t need radiotherapy or chemotherapy. The surgeon and nurses were in disbelief and had the biopsy checked by 3 different pathologists. They were so thrilled with the news, as I was. I knew how this had happened I felt it deep within my soul and I knew I was healed. This miracle was through all the love and support around me, from my own healing and dedication to my health, and of course through the very special distant healing from John of God and the Entities. I am a living miracle and so grateful and happy for my health, the best Christmas present I could have ever have asked for!

Laura Surico.

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  • Well done Laura you have done so much for so many people including myself I am truly happy you got through this ordeal and on the road of recovery.
    God bless xx

  • Wow!! What an amazing and inspiring story. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, so brave and positive. I truly believe that all the love, support and help you have given others (including myself and my family) is what has helped you through this experience…where there is the greatest love there are always miracles xxxxx

  • This was hard to read but amazing. You have been so brave and positive at the same time. You truly are an inspiration and I’m blessed to know you – my miracle friend. Believe !!! xx

  • What an inspiration you are Laura. You have overcome so much in a short space of time and remained so positive throughout. Reading this was very emotional but you got through this with love, support and belief. You are a wonderful person Laura who has always given so much of your time and healing to others. So proud of you and blessed to have you as a friend. The day of your surgery myself and one of our school friends were stood in reception, we turned around together and as we did your photograph came onto the computer screen and we both knew it was a sign to say all was well. I will never forget that moment. I think you are a true inspiration…and today’s Wayne Dyer quote is
    “There is a voice in the universe urging us to remember our purpose for being on this great Earth. This is the voice of inspiration, which is within each and everyone of us.”
    Love and light xx

  • Gosh Laura your write up is brilliant,the day of your operation this huge wind came from nowhere the energy that day was so strong.From Manchester I phoned my mother up at 10am the morning of your operation, in Luton and even she said we have got really strong winds in luton so strong it was whistling though her home, so from north to south this powerful energy was coming.As soon as Laura came out of theater, the energy’s change the wind calmed down everything was still and calm, see miraculous do happen, you are a miracle Laura living proof of the law of attraction and Glenn was there at your side day and night keeping positive!!!!!xxx


    You need to write that book now Laura,When I got the phone call from Glenn that you could have a brain tunma I dropped everything just got in the car and drove the tears running down my face, saying to spirit please help her she has done so much for everyone else.Then even then there was this powerful energy came from know where, I stopped crying and was really calm. When I got to Manchester I went straight to the hospital,I walked into the ward where you had a private room, the first thing you said did you have a good journey very calmly, could not believe it, you was more concerned about me than you. Laura you was so strong in hospital, I new you would be okay, but you believed so much that as if you was in another world it was totally incredible the power was out of this world !!!!!!!!!!

  • This is a true miracle! You are a true inspiration to those around you and those who read this. This story and your jorney has touched many people’s hearts! Your strength, belief and the love around you, will always keep you in good health.
    Lots of love

  • Laura, your truly the most amazing person I have ever met.You ve been so brave throughout . I hope that your story will inspire and help othet people who are going through a similar trauma in their lifexx

  • Fantastic story to read laura im just so glad you came through ok and will continue to send my postive thoughts to you as well. Its still hard to belive you had such a hard time comming to xmas its a very inspiring story im so glad your postive feelings pulled you through. I send my best wishes and love to you i hope you continue to have a good recovery.

    John xxx

  • Thank you for sharing laura. It was very humbling to read as I know I certainly take my life for granted and sometimes forget to give thanks for what I have. Your capacity and bravery to deal with this life changing event is amazing. xx

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