God’s Blueprint is Our Staff Pick of the Day

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Christopher Knight
God’s Blueprint
Watkins Publishing
£ 14.99, Available from Watkins Books

Selected by Richard from  Watkins Books:

‘Could Creation be just a happy accident? Or is there any intelligent force present? We understand there to be no life in the universe and if any, it would be light years away and likely out of contact. Yet this crucible of Earth has an extraordinary, and possibly alarming perfection and stability. So much so that we take it entirely for granted. Christopher Knight wakes us to the strange coincidence of life, if not its implicit improbability. If Science and organised Religion conflict, this may be an entertaining thought for all.’

Book Description: This book puts the idea of God on trial. Whilst the case has been hotly disputed over recent generations with scientists on one side and theologians on the other, evidence either way has been thin on the ground. Faith – belief without evidence – has been the basis for the world’s major religions.


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