Foraging from the Forest to the Pavement by Sara Bir

Sara Bir, author of the cookbook and foraging guide “The Fruit Forager’s Companion”, discusses how plantspotting in rural and urban areas can connect us not only with nature, but other people in our communities.

Modern foraging isn’t about living off the land. It’s about living with the land. A mere handful of foraged blackberries or greens can empower us to think differently about what we eat and where it comes from. Foraging is a living link between our civilised and uncivilised selves.

Sara talks about foraging ethics and safety, best practices in plant identification, and how access to public land can energise and educate.

Sara is a chef and a writer living in Ohio. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, she has worked as a chocolate factory tour guide, a sausage cart lackey, a food editor, a recipe tester, a restaurant critic, a librarian, and an arts and entertainment reporter. In her spare time Sara enjoys walking in the woods and looking for fruit.

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