Fifteen Ways to Heal the World

(by Lucy R. Tibbits)

This article first appeared in Watkins Mind Body Spirit #38, Summer 2014.

This article first appeared in Watkins Mind Body Spirit #38, Summer 2014.

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ooking up at the stars can lead us to two very profound realisations about our existence on planet Earth. On one hand, we realise how minute we are in human form within this immense expanse of Universe. On the other, there is the deep knowledge that everything and everyone are inextricably linked by the same Universal Consciousness. It follows that, by living from the soul, we have the potential to create a beautiful world through our thoughts and actions. I once overheard someone speculate that “there is only one way to heal the world, and that’s Love”. I concur. However, Love is an enormous concept and takes many forms. Here are fifteen ways in which we can manifest it and begin to heal the world.

  1. Redefine Prosperity

The first step towards living from the soul is to recognise the abundance of prosperity in our lives. Prosperity is not just about material wealth and gain. We can be prosperous in quality time, in talents, relationships, creativity, freedom, health and emotional wellbeing. Sadly, many of these free and wonderful gifts are sacrificed in pursuit of prosperity in its most fragile form. Realising the abundance of gifts we already have in our lives nurtures gratitude through which we manifest great Love for the choices we make.

  1. Nurture the Child Within

As a mother, I am enchanted by how children are immersed in the present, whether in moments of quiet solitude or in those of exhilarating adventure. Every day, children are on a voyage of discovery, delighted by things to which we have become immune. Delight is an emotion which very few of us can truly claim to experience as we get older, yet it is the breath of life itself. Find ways to re-discover childlike delight, if only in the smallest of moments. From such delight, we manifest great Love for the world around us.

  1. Make Friends with Your Shadow Self

According to Carl Jung everyone has a shadow self – the unconscious part within all of us made up of base drives and undesirable qualities which we are unwilling to accept at a conscious level. Jung’s philosophy is that the only way to know and become our true self is to recognise, acknowledge and embrace our shadow side, integrating it into our conscious reality. It is in embracing our darkness that we find our true light, and in so doing, we manifest great Love for the self.

Lucy Tibbits, Kerry, 2013, oil on canvas

Lucy Tibbits, Kerry, 2013, oil on canvas

  1. Find Acceptance in the Here and Now

There is a strong tendency to live life in pursuit of goals and as a result we often find ourselves preoccupied with anxiety and fear of what could happen along the way. However, once we begin to live from the soul, we realise that life does not arrive on one blessed day but is happening now: a rich journey of mixed terrain and diverse weather; a journey of steep climbs and glorious resting places. We need to stop and feel the moment. Breathe the moment. Adore the freedom to laugh, to run, to love and to play. Acceptance is the key to moving forward, and through acceptance we manifest great Love for the journey.

  1. Free the Physical Body

In the same way that we are inextricably linked to the stars, the moon and the world around us, so we are inextricably linked within ourselves in mind, body and spirit. In order to reach the essence of the soul, we need to free the mind and body alike. Dance with liberation! Feel the beat of the Earth racing through your heart. Walk, run, dance and play as if you only have your life to live! In freeing the body, we manifest great Love for the human form.

  1. Achieve Inner Stillness

Our lives are so busy that we need to make a conscious reminder to ourselves to rebalance our energies and focus on the spiritual body by dedicating time to meditation. When we enter meditation, we connect mind, body and spirit with each other and with the greater Universal Consciousness. In binding these energies, we manifest great Love for the Divine.

  1. Spend Precious Moments with Precious Others

The same energy which binds us to the Universe binds each of us to each other. Begin to seek the reflection of your soul in others. Look closely enough with acceptance and faith and you will catch the light of truth reflected in your own eyes. In acknowledging the existence of ourselves in others, we can allow ourselves to open and grow and in so doing, we manifest great Love for other people.

  1. Forgive an Old Hurt

Forgiveness can be a challenging concept to accept, especially when we have been hurt by another’s words or actions. Often we hang on to resentment as we feel to do otherwise would be to condone the hurt that has been caused. Try instead to think of forgiveness as an act of release.   Neither forgiveness nor resentment can change the past, but both can greatly influence the present. In choosing forgiveness, we choose to build and grow from negative events; we choose to release pain and open our hearts and minds to positive experiences. In releasing negativity, we manifest great Love for freedom.

  1. Learn from One at Their Journey’s End

While children can remind us of the gift of delight and presence, as we prepare to leave the physical body, our material pursuits and concerns fall away unveiling the deep spiritual wisdom which dwells deep inside every soul. Through meditation, through opening the soul to connect with Universal Consciousness, we can begin to peel away the physical world and truly live from the soul. In accepting our mortality of body, we manifest great Love for the immortality of the soul.

  1. Listen with the Soul

When we truly listen to the world around us, we lose the incessant noise of unproductive thoughts of the mind challenging the body and chastising the soul. As we truly listen to our world, we begin to clarify the way we think, the way we perceive, the way in which we behave. In attuning ourselves to the audible vibrations of the landscape, we manifest great Love for the Harmony of the Universe.

  1. Discover Beauty on the Doorstep

Make moments every day to notice the beauties of the world around you, even in the most unlikely of places. Feel how sunlight plays with dewdrops, weaving its energy through delicate threads of grass. Feel how it weaves through your own soul, touching on the stillness which resides within. Feel how it connects us with the Universe, to one another and to the very essence of our human spirit. In feeling these connections, so we manifest great Love for our planet.

  1. Embrace the Enormity of the Ocean

Like a starry sky, the sea has a profound effect on the way we perceive the significance of our own existence within the Universe. The sea has the capacity to heal yet also to destroy; it possesses both the deepest tranquility and the wildest of rages. Through observing the sea, we come to learn that in every hand is the power to destroy and the divinity to heal. In so doing, we manifest great Love for the dimensions of heaven and earth.

  1. Learn from Nature’s Metaphors

As we begin to observe our world through the soul, we become increasingly aware of the spiritual metaphors which surround us. One such metaphor is the leaf: beginning as an indistinguishable foetus embedded within the mother, the leaf evolves to become the fresh green childhood of spring. Gradually, colours intensify until it reaches late summer, the time of sensuality, independence and emerging freedom. Come winter, the invisible persuasion of the Universe entices them from the tree, spiralling into the wind. In realising the cycle of eternal life, we manifest great Love for karma.

  1. Learn from the Moon

When we look up at the moon, we are experiencing something which has been in existence for countless millions of years, and with countless more ahead. Through war and unrest, through mourning and fear, through tragedy and despair, the moon remains unaltered and untouched, maintaining her serenity as she journeys around the Earth. When chaos reigns in our earthly life, the moon can serve as a stoic reminder of the eternity of the soul within the infinite harmony of the Universe. In observing the moon this way, we gain a deep sense of perspective and in so doing we manifest great Love for the gift of solidarity.

  1. Speak the Language of the Universe
    FIFTEEN WAYS TO HEAL THE WORLD by Lucy Rowella Tibbits, published by CreateSpace, illustrated paperback (66 pages)

    FIFTEEN WAYS TO HEAL THE WORLD by Lucy Rowella Tibbits, published by CreateSpace, illustrated paperback (66 pages)

Between ourselves and the stars resonates the same sacred space which hangs the spider to its web and which stretches for billions of light years between the galaxies. If we can truly realise the unity of our souls and the Universe, then maybe it is possible to transcend the physical and to move the soul beyond the boundaries of time and space. In so thinking, we manifest great Love for Universal Consciousness. In so doing, we become in our essence pure Spiritual Wisdom.

Meet the Author: Lucy R. Tibbits began her career as an interior designer and artist. However, during a period of living abroad she discovered her love of teaching. On returning to the UK, she gained a first class degree in Psychology before qualifying as a teacher. She now shares her time between endeavouring to enrich the lives of children both academically and spiritually, and following her true passion for inspirational/spiritual writing. Her work explores the concept of living from the Soul by developing a sense of unity with Universal Consciousness. Lucy R. Tibbits new website: www.lucyrowellatibbits.com

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