Enlightenment, Vedanta and the Three Energies (full talk) by James Swartz

Our lives are controlled by three energies, called gunas in Sanskrit, which bind us tightly to our material nature. All three are necessary and useful – they completely define us as living beings – but they also create problems. When we are ignorant of our spiritual nature – ever-free consciousness – we are particularly susceptible to the downside of each energy. The body/mind/sense complex is completely under their influence until we set it free. We cannot attain success in life without understanding these forces and master the techniques that transform them. The author of The Yoga of The Three Energies, James Swartz, is one of the world’s foremost authorities on Vedanta, the Science of Consciousness, and the subtle practices of Yoga that purify, concentrate and liberate the mind from self limiting concepts and energies. He is the author of “The Essence of Enlightenment,” The Yoga of Love, Inquiry into Existence and many other books and articles on spiritual topics. His website, ShiningWorld.com is perhaps the web’s most imformative resource on the topic of non-duality.

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