Events & Signings in December

Authors at our both events in December will talk about angels – from quite different perspectives.. Come and join the discussion!

Patricia Tashiro

An Angel Whispered

Patricia Tashiro – An Angel Whispered – talk & signing
Tuesday, December 6 @Watkins 17.30-18.30 (invite friends)

As the season of giving approaches, often the joy of giving is lost as the pressure of doing for others takes precedence over looking after the self.
But if we truly looked after the self, and found happiness within, this would be the best gift we could give to those around us, not to mention the self! The question is how to give ourselves this gift of happiness?
Come and hear Patricia Tashiro share heavenly wisdom and down-to-earth advice from An Angel Whispered, her inspiring new book that shows how to find happiness – that essential ingredient for human life that we all long for, particularly during the holidays.
Patricia Tashiro has a Masters Degree in International Relations and has come to believe that peace, love, and happiness will only come in the world when we find it within. In light of this, she wrote An Angel Whispered, which highlights some of the key points of wisdom shared by her teacher, Gizi Pruthi, “the angel who whispered”.


Chrissie Astell

Gifts from Angels

Chrissie Astell – Gifts from Angels – talk & signing
Tuesday, December 13 @Watkins 17.30-18.30 (invite friends)

Come and hear Chrissie Astell, one of the leading experts on angels, talk about her new book, ‘Gifts from Angels‘ – an uplifting collection of real-life angel encounters from one of the country’s leading angel experts – with techniques and tips to aid personal connection to our guardian angel.

Chrissie will talk about some of the amazing stories found in this book, which features her own stories of mysterious and delightful encounters with angels, alongside fascinating and moving experiences she has collected from her readers. The stories include those of Kay, who was helped by the Archangel Michael to find her soulmate at the age of 58; Chris, a non-swimmer, whose guardian angel helped her to breathe under water for 10 minutes until rescue came; and many more. These are beautiful and uplifting experiences that will move you and gladden your heart.

Chrissie is also an author of “The Angel Insight Pack” cards and will also talk about using angel cards to connect with your angels.

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