Crystal Mindfulness

Crystal expert Judy Hall shows how you can still your mind, calm your thoughts and focus your awareness with the help of crystals

 This article first appeared in Watkins Mind Body Spirit, issue 48.01-mbs48-cover-web

crystal-1Mindfulness. You probably think you’ve heard it all by now. Mindfulness is extremely popular and is being universally promoted as a route to mental, emotional and spiritual health. But are you able to enter into mindfulness effortlessly, without thinking about it? Mindfulness is absolute awareness of the present moment and it is highly effective. It involves noticing the sights, smells, sounds, textures and tastes that are being experienced, as well as the thoughts, feelings, moods and sensations that occur from one moment to the next, without making a judgement. Mindfulness simply accepts it is as it is. But mindfulness is a mode of being rather than something to be done. It does not switch off memory, it utilises it as appropriate. It also teaches you how to stay calm and centred, bearing in mind that ‘this too will pass’. This isn’t always easy, which is where crystals come in.

So where do crystals come into it?
Gazing into the clear depths of a crystal, or carrying one with you, offers instant clarity and stillness of mind. Crystals clear the toxic thoughts that drive ingrained emotions and behaviour, shutting off automatic pilot and helping you to move into awareness of your Self. In addition, crystals can create an environment that supports constant mindfulness and well-being. But they do more than this, they heal, and transmute.

Have not the small Particles of Bodies certain Powers, Virtues or Forces, by which they act at a distance, not only upon the Rays of Light for reflecting, refracting and reflecting them, but also upon one another for producing a great part of the Phænomena of Nature?

Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727)

I love this quote – but I needed a long moment of mindfulness and a crystal to get my head around it. Trying to think it through quickly made my brain hurt. Sitting quietly, holding an Auralite 23, and just being with the quote opened up its wisdom for me. It explained how, and why, crystals calm the mind and heal the soul. But don’t ask me to explain. You’ll have to experience that for yourself. The crystal ball exercise below will undoubtedly assist.

If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, going over and over the events of the day – or waking up with thoughts racing through your head – Auralite 23 can assist. When you get into bed, simply gaze at the picture of Auralite 23, slowly taking your eye down from that vibrant top into the calm stillness of the reflection below. Breathe gently but deeply as you do so. Close your eyes and retain the picture. You’ll sleep surprisingly soundly. Better still, buy yourself the crystal and put it under your pillow. Good sleep guaranteed.


Auralite 23 (c. Michael Illas)

Crystal gazing

As you gaze at this picture of a crystal ball you may see images within it and realise just why such balls have been popular for scrying down the ages. There’s so much to see in there. But instead, just try being with the ball. Sense it drawing you in, gently enfolding you in its energy. Notice how that makes you feel. But don’t dwell on it. Instead, let your mind slowly come to a point of stillness suffused with clarity. A dynamic stillness but paradoxically one that is softly attentive rather than laser-focused. Like the crystal itself. Now you understand crystal mindfulness!

Crystal qualities

Each crystal has specific properties that it brings to mindfulness and I’ve gone into these in some depth in Crystal Mindfulness, carefully selecting crystals to assist various issues. Each crystal resonates at a different level depending on its vibration. Some are physical, others emotional, mental or spiritual. These unique qualities assist in switching off mind chatter and compulsive thinking. They ease your anxieties, ameliorate your anger, show you how to forgive and let the past be, and so much more. Crystals facilitate making decisive moves – when it’s appropriate. They also connect you to yourself at a very deep level – and access expanded awareness so that you become aware of the height and breadth of your being. A crystal helps to re-cognise your spiritual Self. It could also resolve issues standing in the way of mindfulness. Each crystal may have unique properties but all have a generic ability to heal – that is, to bring you back into balance. The beauty of it is you don’t need to do anything, just being with the crystal is sufficient. Sometimes the crystal that you instinctively shy away from is actually the very crystal you need. It encapsulates qualities that heal your deepest issues, flagging them up so that you can recognise them and then let them go. As crystals have only your highest good in mind, they can be trusted to bring you back into energetic harmony.

But what if ‘the moment’ is truly horrendous?

Mindfulness teaches you how to stay calm and centred. Knowing that ‘this too will pass’ but without needing to escape or accelerate change. To me this was the biggest question about mindfulness. How could I stay in the present moment when that moment was unbearably awful? Housebound, virtually blind and severely disorientated for five months, all I could do was sit with my crystals. They supported me and offered hope and comfort in each moment. Similarly, many people with intense, chronic physical or mental pain, serious illnesses or extremely challenging life situations are finding that they too can cope with the seemingly unendurable. With the help of my crystals, I came through into mindfulness. So can you.judy-hall

Meet the Author: Judy Hall is known world-wide for her crystal work and a wide range of MBS books. Her Crystal Bible (vol.1) has sold well over a million copies and now runs to 3 volumes. An international workshop leader for over 45 years, her latest titles include, The Little Book of Crystals, The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle and Crystal Prescriptions Volume 5.

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