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Create Your Own World-Changing Project With Pierre Franckh

Desire Code

Author, Speaker and Motivational Coach, Pierre Franckh tells us about his new book project and how you can be involved.

My deepest desire is to make you happy. To empower you and show you how you can achieve more in your life, whether that’s in your relationship, your job, your family, with your money or in any part of your life. Today, I lecture around the world and host sold-out seminars. I work as a motivational coach and inspirational speaker with numerous clients in the business world, as well as doctors, psychologists, and complementary health professionals. I’ve helped countless people successfully change their lives. But it hasn’t always been like this. My transformation started more than 25 years ago. I was a very famous actor in Germany and had everything you could wish for – success, fame, money, beautiful women. But even though I was living the ‘red carpet’ life, deep inside, I was very unhappy. I felt empty, unfulfilled. Something was missing. So I made a radical decision. I unplugged myself from the loud world outside and locked myself in for four months, disconnected in every sense. I started to think and meditate. It was a period of quiet, serious reflection, as I sought to answer my most important question:

‘How can I truly be happy?’ I dug deep into myself, searching for answers. And then, slowly, I found them. I started to write them down and created seven ‘keys’, principles by which I then began to live. Suddenly and astonishingly, it all came together. Things started to make sense and I became happier every day. I quit acting, met the love of my life – with whom I have a wonderful daughter – and live what I decided I wanted most of all: a happy and fulfilled life. I began to share these answers and discovered how powerful they are. Since then, I’ve written 22 books and shared every insight with all my readers – and they came back to me with amazing results. And now I’m publishing, in English for the first time, the book that holds the seven keys, those principles which enabled me to turn my life around, so even more people can benefit from it. This book, The Desire Code is my most important work, and it is as much yours as it is mine, and shows you how to implement these keys in your everyday life, overcome obstacles, free yourself from limiting beliefs, create a happy life.

Only with your support we can make this growing movement bigger and bigger. Everybody should be able to benefit and change his or her life, to be happy and content within themselves and not held back by fear. If just one person does that, the world becomes a little better; if a thousand people do it, the world is changed. And that’s why this very first English edition will be published only on Kickstarter. I needed a way that connects you with them – and Kickstarter it is. I’d love to share the tools I describe in the book with you. With your support, we can make a change and create a world that people want to belong to. We have the opportunity to create your own world-changing project. Being connected with you makes my life truly worth living.

Have you ever wondered why some people have all the luck? Everything they want seems to find them, from a free parking space to the love of their life. The good news is that there are methods to make these things happen for you, too. It’s how sportsmen and women, business leaders and children, all manage to get what they want.

The rules in the book are simple, easy to read, easy to apply in your everyday life, and they can change everything! They certainly changed my life.

To grow The Desire Code movement further, helping even more people live fulfilled lives, we need YOU! The Desire Code Kickstarter campaign will be live from April 4th 2016 – find links to it at

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