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Staff Pick of the Day: Conversations on Non-Duality

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Conversations on Non-Duality, £14.99, Available from Watkins Books


Eleanora Gilbert
Conversations on Non-Duality
Cherry Red Publisher

Selected by Ricky from Watkins Books:

‘A diverse collection of 26 ‘Awakenings’ transcribed from interviews first shown on the fabulous Conscious TV.
Its always interesting to read the different styles of ‘Non-Duality teachers’ that by default are attempting to express the inexpressible. See if anyone here does it for you!’

Book Description: A fascinating compilation of life stories of perfectly ordinary people, all of whom have been through extraordinary experiences leading to amazing new perceptions. Some have been seekers from a very young age, whilst others had previously never even thought in terms of seeking. Nevertheless, all shared a common sense of dissatisfaction with their lives. This collection of stories explores the means by which each individual went about achieving an end to their suffering and achieving non-duality. Includes interviews with David Bingham, Daniel Brown, Sundance Burke, Katie Davis, Peter Fenner, Steve Ford, Jeff Foster, Suzanne Foxton, Gangaji, Richard Lang, Roger Linden, Wayne Liquorman, Francis Lucille, Mooji, Catherine Noyce, Jac O’Keeffe, Tony Parsons, Bernie Prior, Halina Pytlasinska, Genpo Roshi, Florian Schlosser, Mandi Solk, Rupert Spira, James Swartz, Richard Sylvester and Pamela Wilson

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