“Chit Happens” by Narain Ishaya

Narain Ishaya has been a teacher of meditation, consciousness, and spiritual discovery for more than fourteen years, and has taught in over seventeen countries.
Chit is the Sanskrit word for consciousness itself. Chit Happens is the companion for anyone on a spiritual path, whether a beginner or more experienced. In an easy-to-read, question-and-answer format, this book is created to leave the reader not only satisfied but inspired as well. It has been written through personal experience with humor and grace, drawing from live teaching dialogues.
“My hopes for this book are many. May it enliven your desire to wake up, or intensify that desire at whatever stage it is already kindled. May it answer questions you have had, whether or not you knew you had them. May it undo many of the common spiritual concepts that, no matter how beautiful, ultimately distract the aspirant the true goal of human life. May it let you know that the path to freedom can be easy, swift, and joyful. May you, at the end of this text, have had at least a glimpse of your own magnificent potential.”

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