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‘We can live life in the fast lane, pushing ourselves hard from one experience to the next, until one day we can push ourselves no more; or we can turn off the superhighway to follow quieter, slower roads that encourage our driving skills, rather than our driving speed. Ultimately, we may reach the same destination. However, the different routes by which we travel there will determine the state of our mind and body on arrival’.

Our publishing company Watkins Publishing is running a special sale just for Watkins Books followers. The You Can series offers tried and tested, practical tips and specially devised exercises to use as a guide in your everyday life. Presenting simple techniques such as breathing, visualization, meditation, sleep enrichment and physical exercise, the authors inspire you to tap into your personal power.

Simple and easy-to-use books to help you create a positive mental attitude, develop organizational skills and effective time-management. All the You Can books are 30% off during this month! Click HERE to see the full list.

‘Meditation is the experience of the limitless nature of the mind when it ceases to be dominated by its usual mental chatter’, writes David Fontana. In You Can Master Meditation, the author and late Professor, presents more than 20 practical meditations in the form of affirmations, exercises and visualizations, expertly leading the reader step by step to greater mental and physical well-being.

David Fontana’s You Can Understand Your Dreams draws upon traditional Jungian analysis and techniques developed for his dream workshops to presents a series of nearly 30 exercises designed to improve the quality of dreams by making them more vivid and revealing, opening a path of step-by-step self-discovery and self-enrichment.

Drawing upon the extraordinary skills of eight-times World Memory Champion Dominic O’Brien, You Can Learn to Remember provides an invaluable repertoire of proven ways to enhance your memory, from memorizing a speech, a shopping list and directions to never forgetting names, dates and faces.

Banish insomnia, nightmares and snoring with You Can Sleep Well, Chris Idzikowski‘s specially devised step-by-step exercises to help you enjoy a good night’s rest, giving you greater energy at home, at work and at play.

Everyday we struggle with time and are haunted by undone to-do lists, ever-fuller inboxes and missed deadlines.  You Can Manage Your Time Better, written by stress management specialist Lucy MacDonald, shows you how to maximize your time, eliminate stress and reclaim your life. In You Can be an Optimist, the author also shows how to harness the power of optimism to help you create a more positive, upbeat attitude to life

According to Caterina Rando, nothing reflects your quality of life more than your thinking, which shapes your beliefs and makes you decide how to act, or not to act. You Can Think Differently contains 20 specially devised exercises to help you create a positive mental attitude. The author put together this simple, easy-to-use book to free your mind of negative attitudes and develop the power to focus .

Are you searching for a way to feel balanced and in control of your life?  You Can Relax and Overcome Stress by Mike George will show you how to understand and control your personal stress triggers by using simple techniques.

You can see the full list of books on sale this week on Watkins Publishing website.



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