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Being Present: An Interview with Swami Krishna

(By Watkins)

Swami Krishna

Swami Krishna


[dropcap]K[/dropcap]rishna combines palm reading and the Sacred Dakini Oracle cards. He is also a healer, a spiritual counsellor and meditation teacher. With many years of experience on readings and courses in several countries, he has an optimistic and compassionate approach to all of life’s problem. H is a consultant in Watkins every Thursday.


W: Swami, can you tell us about your experience and what made you decide to become a tarot and palm reader?

S: It was very spontaneous. While I was living in a small ashram with Osho’s community in the 1970s I met one of his disciples who thought me Tarot and palm reading. I followed him for many years. I used to sit with him and his wife – also an astrologer – in Mumbai. I learned a lot from them.

This learning was not planned, it was simply spontaneous. Studying under Osho I learned the power of meditation. I have been meditating throughout my life and through meditation many unexpected events happen in your life. I am still surprised when I talk to people!  When they come to me they have many problems to cope with and my responses are spontaneous.  They are very generous in their gratitude for my advice when visiting me. For example, today a woman came just to say thank you because a while ago I encouraged her to paint. She has just been invited to partake into a big exhibition showing her paintings!

I believe that people hold aspirations but most of the time they do not have the confidence to act on them and make them happen. They need confirmation. It often happens that people do not truly see themselves. Once they start to look inside their lives change!

W: Understanding oneself is a life mission! How do you help people to get more in touch with themselves through tarot reading?

S: Tarot reading is a symbolic language and I decode the meanings of the symbols. The accomplishment of this is mysterious to me too;  I am surprised every day by the results!

I let go my identity and I simply surrender.  Surrendering to God allows existence itself to take care of you. You become a vehicle for God’s wisdom and therefore there is no doubt and no hesitation. Sometimes I know information about people without even realising how I have acquired that knowledge.

W: Is tarot reading a practice that one can learn?  

S: Of course!  Firstly, you need to learn the symbolic language.  If you did not, it would be like expecting  to drive a car having first skipped the theoretical course;  not knowing the traffic signs you would be a danger for everyone. However, you cannot depend on the theory alone as most of the work is ‘internal’.  It is like learning a language and making poetry.

Everyone can learn a language but bringing poetry out of that language is art. You need sensitivity to be able to do that. You need to feel pain and joy for yourself and others. I also write poetry when I am free. I write in Hindi because this is my language.

W: How important is to express creativity in life? Do you think everyone is gifted?

S: Naturally, yes. However unfortunately we are misguided by society, culture, authority figures, the educational system and those that hold the power in organised religions. It seems to me that they exploit people for their own interests.  Often people are born into families or grow up in societies that do not allow creativity to shine. For example, I wanted to write poetry from an early age but my family was poor and didn’t support me in this. People tend to make too many plans for their children dreaming about their future into business or important careers. I believe it is important not to give too much direction to children, but support them and protect them. They will make mistakes but at the end they will know what they feel. Many people suffer because they never had the opportunity to experiment. I always encourage them to try. If it doesn’t work I encourage them to try again. Then miracles happen!

W: What is your daily routine?

S: It is very simple. I wake generally between 5 and 6am. Sometimes I go to the park or I practice meditation. Then I come here and spontaneously people come. I don’t plan anything.

W: Do you practice meditation every day?

S: When I started to meditate I used to do it regularly and I also learned  several specific techniques. After that, meditation simply became part of my life. Whatever I do, I do it in a meditative manner. Even talking to you now: awareness is there and actions happen spontaneously. Once learnt, meditation happens anytime and anywhere you go. You are present in the present.

W: Can you tell more about how you met Osho and the important part he played in your spiritual evolution?

S: From 1970 until the 1980s I was always around him, sometimes I was living inside his community doing meditation or working. I used to visit him with long letters because every time I met him I would forget everything I wanted to ask. Probably for this reason after few years while I was living in Mumbai he called me over and gave me the responsibility of responding to all the letters addressed to him. They were many, many letters, from all around the world and at that time Osho did not respond to the letters himself anymore. I was surprised and grateful that I was given this big responsibility. It was very special and for years I answered those letters on his behalf.

W: How should people approach having a tarot reading?

S: Many people come because they have specific problems. Instead of going to a psychologist, they come to me. Others are simply curious. Some are Osho disciples. I always recommend books and readings from many sources.

W: Is it important to follow a spiritual teacher?

S: It is not necessary, the spiritual teacher is inside yourself. Curiosity is good; I have travelled extensively and enjoyed many speakers but when I saw Osho, I was very attracted to him. I was ready to meet a spiritual teacher but I wasn’t looking for it, it is like I was searching indirectly. When I found him I thought he was everything I was looking for.

W: Can you recall the most challenging experience you’ve had when giving a tarot reading?

S: Every day is a challenge; it is always fascinating and also rewarding. Sometimes people pay for a sitting with me and they just come to say thank you.

W: Since we cannot read or understand your poetry unless we speak Hindi , can you tell us what subjects inspire you to write?

S: It is very difficult to say. It s not only sadness, joy or meditation. It s all of life. Life is God and it constantly changes in all its forms.


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