The Battersea Park Road to Paradise by Isabel Losada – Book Signing at Watkins

Thursday, June, 30th – 6pm-7pm

Isabel Losada

Isabel promises us an entertaining and inspiring evening where she presents – ‘Well, it’s more an evening of a kind of spiritual stand up comedy than a ‘talk.’

The Battersea Park Road to Paradise is available from Watkins Books

10 years on from the release of her internationally bestselling ‘Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment’ Isabel Losada is stuck again.  With a broken heart and a major career opportunity gone Isabel is well and truly stuck and decides on a complete life overhawl.  In her immensely popular and readable narrative non-fiction style Isabel starts by looking at her home and invites three Feng Shui experts into her home to find out whether Feng Shui is Medieval Chinese nonsense or a useful insight into how our environment effects us. She then pulls herself unwillingly off to walk over fire with Anthony Robbins before venturing off for the famously tortuous Vipassana meditation course.  A friend then introduces her to Mooji and the Advaita question ‘Who am I anyway?’ before finally going off to swallow some ayahuasca (‘Sacred Medicine or Class A hallucinogenic drug depending on your perspective) in the South American jungle with the native Ashaninka tribe to find out.’  By the end of this journey Isabel isn’t the same – and neither will you be.

Followed by trip to the pub or nearby vege restaurant. No need to book for the main event, but if you’d like to join Isabel for dinner afterwards, please let her know.

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