Avoiding Karma: A mind-challenging way to recognize who, why, and what you truly are by Guy Needler

Guy Needler, author of “The History of God” and “Beyond the Source”, was initially trained as a mechanical engineer and quickly progressed on to be a chartered electrical and electronics engineer. However, throughout this earthly training he was always aware of the greater reality being around him, catching glimpses of the worlds of spirit.

Guy Needler talks about his latest book, “Avoiding Karma: A Mind-Challenging Way to Recognize Who, Why, and What You Truly Are”, covering topics such as love, fear, acceptance and attachment. According to Guy Needler, karma is only a function of the physical universe and our true energetic selves, when attracted to the lower frequencies associated with the physical universe, are linked to it. Hence the need to return to it, to break the link, to break the Karmic cycle. Once the link with the physical is broken, the need to incarnate is no longer necessary and the true energetic self can ascend the frequencies, evolving in the process without needing to experience ever again those lower frequencies associatedwith the physical universe. www.guystevenneedler.com

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