Author Talks in September & October

Book Signings and Author Talks at Watkins

No need to book, just turn up! All talks are free and take place at Watkins bookshop, 19 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ.

Quick Overview:
Sarah Rozenthuler    11-Sep-2012    Life-Changing Conversations
Norman Rosenthal     9-Oct-2012     Transcendence
Ariel & Shya Kane   10-Oct-2012    How To Have A Match Made In Heaven
Jane Meredith        30-Oct-2012    Journey To The Dark Goddess

September 11, 2012, at 5.30pm – Sarah Rozenthuler  – Life-Changing Conversations
Sarah Rozenthuler is a professional psychologist, organisational consultant and spiritual educator. She has co-facilitated several retreats with Neale Donald Walsch, best-selling author of Conversations with God. Sarah’s new book, Life-Changing Conversations, explains why effective talk can be truly transformative. With a 7-point programme to give you confidence and know-how for a transformational conversation, it is a practical guide to the kinds of conversations that will turn your life around.

October 9, 2012, at 5.30pm – Norman Rosenthal – Transcendence
Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal is the world-renowned psychiatrist and author whose research in describing seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and pioneering the use of light therapy has helped millions of people. His latest book Transcendence: Healing and Transformation Through Transcendental Meditation explores the value of this ancient technique for healing and transformation in our modern world. Filmmaker David Lynch calls it, “The best ever book on Transcendental Meditation”.

October 10, 2012, at 6pm – Ariel & Shya Kane – How to Have A Match Made in Heaven
How to Have A Match Made in Heaven, the sequel to the Kanes’ best-selling, Nautilus Book Awards winner How to Create a Magical Relationship, offers real, practical ways men and women can create harmony and happiness in their relationships, whether they are single or divorced, dating or married. Since 1987, Ariel and Shya Kane have taught individuals, couples and organizations across the globe how to live in the moment. Acting as Catalysts for Instantaneous Transformation, they inspire people to unwire the knee-jerk behaviors that get in the way of living life with ease.

October 30, 2012,at 5.30pm – Jane Meredith – Journey to the Dark Goddess
Journey to the Dark Goddess addresses issues of depression, difficult life circumstances and crisis – with the understanding that it is exactly these times and places in our lives which can result in profound change, a re-imagining of our lives and deeper self-knowledge. The book outlines the mythic journey into initiation and self-knowledge that is mapped in myths of the Underworld – specifically the myths of Inanna, Persephone and Psyche. Jane is a writer, ritualist and workshop presenter. She is known for her innovative and powerful work in myth, ritual and the evocation of the divine.

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