Spring 2014 Author Talks

Author Talks & Book Signings at Watkins

All talks are free and take place at Watkins bookshop, 19 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ. You can catch up on all the recent Watkins talks by spiritual authors on our youtube channel.

 Sue Farebrother  20-Mar-2014 Thurs, 6.30pm "Astrology Decoded"
 Gila Lapidot      3-Apr-2014 Thurs, 6.30pm "Poetry: The Kiss of Life"
 Netanel Semrik 9-April Wed, 5.30pm "Jonathan In The Kingdom Of Mood Balloons"
 Guy Needler      10-Apr-2014 Thurs, 6.30pm "Avoiding Karma"
 Peter Cresswell  17-Apr-2014 Thurs, 6.30pm "The Invention of Jesus"
Note: Yasmin Boland's talk "Angel Astrology 101" moved to June 12. 
 Hanna Tantra      8-May-2014 Thurs, 6.30pm "Tantric Lovers"
 Tori Hartman	  21-May-2014 Wed, 5.30pm "Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck"
 Lakshmi (Indira) 22-May-2014 Thurs, 6.30pm "Satori: Metamorphosis of an Awakening"

MARCH 20, Thursday 6.30-7.30pm, Sue Farebrother – Astrology Decoded

astrology decoded

Astrology Decoded


Sue Farebrother

Sue Merlyn Farebrother has been practising as a professional astrologer, a tarot consultant, and a teacher for over twenty five years. She has taught astrology and tarot at both beginners and at advanced level,  both privately and for astrological schools.

Her book “Astrology Decoded” is a unique astrology course that will teach you how to think like an astrologer and master the practical techniques of this ancient art, starting with the basics, to enchance your life and the lives of others. Astrology Decoded explains, step by step, how astrology works, when to use it and ways to take it further. Sue offers a practical and comprehensive course that will take you through the colourful ingredients that make up a birth chart, from the 12 zodiac signs to subtle astrological combinations and aspects, and the ways in which these express themselves through a person’s character. www.suemerlyn.com

APRIL 3, Thursday 6.30-7.30pm, Gila Lapidot  – Poetry: The Kiss of Life

kissoflifeGila Lapidot is an acclaimed Israeli poet. Join us for the launch of her book of inspirational poetry “Poetry: The Kiss of Life” at Watkins on April 3rd. “In its sincerity and sensitivity, your poetry penetrates to the very nerve ends. Its restrained power and its turbulent softness produce a lyrical harmony that brings pleasure to its readers.” – Shimon Peres, President of Israel.

APRIL 9, Wednesday 5.30-6.30pm, Netanel Semrik – Jonathan In The Kingdom Of Mood Balloons (Children’s Book)

Jonathan in the Kingdom of Mood Balloons

Netanel Semrik‘s mission, for the past twenty-two years, has been to publish stories of people from all over the world in radio, television, on Internet, and in the print media. He is the founder of Contento De Semrik international publishing house. This is his first published book.

Jonathan in the Kingdom of Balloons is an enchanting story that helps children understand all the colours of their emotions, and teaches how to take responsibility for them. It gives children the opportunity to benefit from the messages and lessons found in popular self-help and emotional management books that have until now only targeted adult readers.

APRIL 10, Thursday 6.30-7.30pm, Guy Needler – Avoiding Karma


Avoiding Karma

Guy Needler

Guy Needler

Guy Needler, author of “The History of God” and “Beyond the Source”, was initially trained as a mechanical engineer and quickly progressed on to be a chartered electrical and electronics engineer. However, throughout this earthly training he was always aware of the greater reality being around him, catching glimpses of the worlds of spirit.

Guy Needler will talk about his latest book, “Avoiding Karma: A Mind-Challenging Way to Recognize Who, Why, and What You Truly Are”, covering topics such as love, fear, acceptance and attachment. According to Guy Needler, karma is only a function of the physical universe and our true energetic selves, when attracted to the lower frequencies associated with the physical universe, are linked to it. Hence the need to return to it, to break the link, to break the Karmic cycle. Once the link with the physical is broken, the need to incarnate is no longer necessary and the true energetic self can ascend the frequencies, evolving in the process without needing to experience ever again those lower frequencies associatedwith the physical universe. www.guystevenneedler.com

April 17, Thursday 6.30-7.30pm, Peter Cresswell – The Invention of Jesus

The Invention of Jesus

Peter Cresswell took a First in Social Anthropology at Cambridge University and went on to do a B.Phil. in Sociology at York University. He worked for several years as a research officer at the Open University and in local government. He has had a parallel career as a journalist, contributing articles on planning and the environment, and worked for a time as a leader writer. In recent years, he has researched the origins of Christianity and its textual transmission.

In his new book The Invention of Jesus Peter Cresswell has developed some new techniques and taken an indepth look at the earliest surviving manuscripts of the gospels describing the life and death of Jesus as well as letters, attributed to Paul and others, to the outposts of the early Church. There are papyrus fragments, some from as early as the second century, and then later manuscripts written on parchment, with fewer gaps in the text. The vast majority are written in Greek – the language of Empire and of the early Church. Cresswell carefully analyses the surviving texts to show how doctrines, such as the divinity of Jesus and the Resurrection, have been progressively introduced into the narrative. By establishing what has been added, he defines what part of the character of Jesus the Christian Church has, over time, invented.

MAY 8, Thursday 6.30-7.30pm, Hanna Tantra – Tantric Lovers


Hanna Tantra

Tantric Lovers

Tantric Lovers

Hanna Katz-Jelfs, aka Maha Shakti Kali Ma is one of the leading and most significant among the hosts of Tantra schools in UK. Her book “Tantric Lovers: making your relationships last” was termed “108 shades of light”. It is a practical guide to how you can transform your life and your relationships, from ordinary mundane relationship into a truly divine communion, becoming soul-mates with your love partner and experience ecstatic bliss in everyday life, enhancing intimacy into a truly transcendent experience.Hanna has been teaching internationally since 1998. Specializing in the tantra Kriya yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, healing, Chi-Kung, Reiki and  Karuna Master and more. Born in Israel, lived in the UK since 1981. Hanna discovers the secret of tantra in her early teens. She embodies the Cosmic Cobra Breath and has since walked the special path of tantra Kriya yoga, training and empowering others. www.hannatantra.com

MAY 21, Wednesday 5.30-6.30pm, Tori Hartman – Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck


Tori Hartman

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards

Tori Hartman, is a world renowned psychic, author and spiritual teacher. She is the only psychic ever interviewed by The New York Times and L.A. Business Journal for her work in business and conscious expansion. As the author of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle deck, Tori continues to promote what has always been the key to her success; The spiritual empowerment, healing and education of people. She believes that in order to heal and manifest our heart’s desires we need to incorporate our family legacy to find our soul’s purpose and to live with a deep sense of belonging.
Tori will talk about her new Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. Each original card connects with a major chakra and represents one of the mystical fables revealed by angels to psychic Tori Hartman over 25 years ago following a near-death experience.

MAY 22, Thursday 6.30-7.30pm, Indira (Lakshmi) – Satori: Metamorphosis of an Awakening

Satori: Metamorphosis of an Awakening [DVD]

Satori: Metamorphosis of an Awakening [DVD]

Indira (Lakshmi)

Indira (Lakshmi)

Lakshmi, living with the British spiritual teacher Premananda in the Open Sky House Community, experienced a powerful and sudden energy phenomenon while typing an email in the community office; an awakening, traditionally known as a Satori. Those around her at the time, immediately took the chance to point an iPhone towards her. Along with the incredible, rare footage which was captured of the ‘Happening’, and in-depth interviews days and weeks afterwards with Premananda, the film Satori was subsequently made. A truly unique and rare film, which touches many through its authenticity. Sharing from her own direct experience, Lakshmi will be available to dialogue about the phenomenon of awakening and the role of a spiritual teacher and community.  www.openskyhouse.com

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