The Astrological Dynamics of the Universe


by Demian Allan

This article first appeared in Watkins Mind Body Spirit, issue 49.01-MBS49-Cover-web-1

The Spring Equinox is on March 20th at 10.28 in the morning, as the Moon makes an exact conjunction with Saturn at 27 degrees, ‘a man beneath the paw of a lion rampant’. The symbolism is clear: the western world is lacking direction and this will be the template for the coming astrological year ahead. March has Venus and Jupiter going retrograde, while Uranus opposes Jupiter for the month, a strong aspect of growing frustrations and extreme ideologies. April takes another direction; Mercury goes retrograde from the 10th while Saturn also takes a step backwards from the 6th. This contradicts the fiery energy of the Sun transiting Aries and consequently there will be a volatile energy that colours the general outlook. On the 20th, as the Sun enters Taurus, we also have Pluto going retrograde, heading towards a square with Jupiter. The energy shifts again as we enter the second stage of spring when the blossoms develop and the earth re-energises itself, preparing for the coming summer. Astrologically speaking, Mercury goes direct on the 4th in Aries while Venus, the dominating planet in May, is transiting through Aries; the need for patience is going to be key, especially when it opposes Jupiter on the 18th and 19th. These next three months could feel like a settling process for the majority of us, where we are all unsure of where we are going and know we have to make do with what we have.

March is going to feel like a hangover from last month’s eclipses which will culminate with a Virgo Full Moon at 22 degrees on the 12th, ‘a well favoured woman, but of evil aspect, stands before a mirror’. Venus is retrograde in Aries from the 4th onwards, causing confusion about gender stereotypes – particularly in the UK where it transits the 7th house of open enemies and partnerships. On the 10th Mars moves from Aries into Taurus, the planet of action meets the stubborn bull, a rather aggressive combination. The New Moon is on the 28th at 7 degrees in Aries, ‘a fox running along a path beneath the shadow of a wall’. The planetary energy is on a high intensity for March as we go from the nocturnal rhythms of Pisces to the conquering spirit of Aries. This transition usually jolts people out of repetitive cycles in one way or another.

We have a Libran Full Moon on the 11th at 21 degrees, ‘a bridge in a broken and dilapidated condition spanning over the dry bed of river’ is in the degree of ‘collapse’. This is a powerful month as a new cycle begins to manifest, and anything that was hidden over the winter period will begin to show up in the spring light. We also have Mercury retrograde from the 10th in the sign of Taurus; the trickster meets the immoveable force, quite a challenge for us all. On the 26th the New Moon ignites its rays in Taurus at 6 degrees, while Venus slowly moves forward in Aries. The USA could find itself going through some testing times as its chart ruler, Jupiter, goes backwards in the sky, causing political undercurrents to come to the collective consciousness. Finally, the planet Saturn turns retrograde on the 6th in Sagittarius; communication with overseas countries takes a backward step leading to confusion about allies on the world stage.

The month of May promises to be easier than April as we enter the second stage in spring, Firstly, Mercury goes direct on the 4th, helping us all to feel that we are moving forward in communication and travel. However Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all retrograde for the rest of May giving humanity the feeling that we are taking one step forward and two steps back. The Full Moon on the 10th is at 20 degrees in Scorpio, ‘a man in the robe of a priest standing in the cloister beneath the light of a window’ is in the degree of ‘religion’, a powerful metaphor for the transitional period that we are undergoing with Pluto transiting Capricorn. The good news is that we have a New Moon on the 25th at 4 degrees in Gemini, the symbol of ‘dignity’, saving us from the rather bullish energy of the last four weeks that can lead to some bad decisions being made regarding environmental issues.

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